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January 22, 2006

The Jackson Pollock Matters Exhibition

   So, imagine going into your now deceased mom & dad's old storage container and finding some gay porn interesting modern art.  Well.. now, think of not just finding interesting art, but, how about discovering several never seen before works by Alberto Giacometti, Calder, Philip Guston, de Kooning, and exactly 32 early Jackson Pollock drip paintings?? All in all, you find about $40 million in what some experts might considered the most important missing links in Modern Art History.  Well, that's exactly what happened to Alex Matter, son of Artist Herbert & Mercedes Matter out in the Hamptons (Wainscott) about 4 years ago. The story is already legendary!

Jacksonpollock_borghi    These amazing works were found wrapped in a brown paper package, labeled in Herbert Matter's distinctive handwriting as

"Pollock (1946-1949), Tudor City (1940-1949), 32 Jackson experimental works (gift + purchase)"

in the family's untouched "Home Sweet Home" storage locker out in Wainscott.   Here's one of the paintings, I found it listed on Artnet.com... "Untitled", is 11.8 x  16 in

There are 2 others posted, so I guess for all you multi-millionaires reading my blog.. they are all for sale.. Contact Mark Borghi Fine Art.. I hear they make great birthday gifts.. Note, MAO is accepting all donations if you don't have any wall space left.

     Hence these 32 small paintings are all thought to be early examples of Pollock's first drip paintings while Jackson boozed it up worked in the Matter's Family studio in Tutor City.   Further adding to their authenticity, were found some 10,000 archived photographs by Alex's father Herbert depicting the Matter family with Lee Krasner, Pollock, and several other notable art figures from their days out in the Hamptons.

  Well... before you go searching through your parents attic this summer looking for gay porn lost art treasure.. you can make the trek out to East Hampton to see an announced show of "Pollock Matters" at Guild Hall.  As reported by this weeks Dan's Papers, On August 11, 2006, the 50th anniversary of Jackson's drunken deadly Springs-Fireplace Road accident, The Pollock Matters exhibit will open.   

      Additionally the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center in the beautiful Historic East Hampton Springs(Coincidentally, only a few doors down from the MAO Art Center East... better know as the "PupSchwitz Work-Camp" to my BF Dr. Quiz & our friends.. but I'll save that story for another time) will be holding it's own Pollock Show. Their show will include several small drip works from 1943 to 1950.

Vik_pollock_2   Actually, for the 50th anniversary, 2006, it's looking to be an "All Pollock Summer."  For those in NYC not willing to brave the East End attitude summer traffic, The Guggenheim Museum in NYC is also planning a Pollock show, "No Limits, Just Edges: Jackson Pollock Painting on Paper" featuring 60 works on paper. That show opens June 2 and is up till September 29th.

Well.. like any great find in the art world, the Guild Hall "Pollock Matters" show is not without it's bitchy queens detractors.  There's been some debate over the origin of the works.  Mr. Eugene V. Thaw, past president and founder of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation refuses to acknowledge the works authenticity, for what sounds like mostly bullshit, cover his ass, legal liability issues.  There was also a story today in the Sunday Long Island NY Times by Julia C. Mead, that says the show "may open." So I guess it's not officially done yet. But, Oh, and Yes.. MAO was out in EH, at The Pupschwitz Work-Camp, this weekend.. so we only had the LI Sunday NYT Edition!

   The "Pollock Matters" show organized by Mark Bourghi Fine Art, has been Curated by Ellen G. Landau who authored "Jackson Pollock (Abrams 1998)",  and Lee Krasner: A Catalogue Raisonne (Abrams 1995). Ellen G. Landau, who has officially authenticated these early works as Pollock, is also suppose to be authoring a publication for this exhibition to be named "Pollock Matters" published by Harry Abrams.

For more details about this important show, check out this cool website created just for the "Pollock Matters" show. Now it's back to yardwork.. ahhh.. Puplschwitz!


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jeez, Pollock season will certainly sprout a Bidlo Matters.

Clever AND informative...I'm happy you found my blog and introduced me to yours. I'll be back.

Perhaps you should actually go to the show to get some of your facts straight,
as many of them are wrong.

For example just in spelling alone, it's not Herbart; It's Herbert.

I have a gorky painting which had been pissed in the back I'm thinking that a job of super pisser , Pollock
Whats yor thoughts. Matthew
Search Flickr Arshile gorky and you'll see it.

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