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A NYC Modern Art Obsessed Collector - The Rants of a Completely Obsessed NYC Modern Art Collector


Modern Art Obsession.. It's MAO to my Blog Friends!!! An Art Fan, Critic, or client to some, Mike to almost everyone else..

So, I'm a Young (40ish... yes that's Young for a museum quality art collector) NYC Art Collector. Working on Wall Street by day, and a total art fanatic by night and weekend. You can only read about Stock, bonds, companies earning, 10k's, annual reports, yield curves, and economic forecasts for so long before you need an escape..

We've found the art world often can be way too serious, self important, filled with pompous people, who spew big "see how smart I am words" all in an effort to intimidate and impress. But this blog is ment to be funny, accessable by all, and maybe even a bit thought provoking. It's mostly about MAO, and our personal thoughts and activities in the NYC modern art world. MAO makes no claim to be bright, thoughtful, objective, PC, impartial, or even to know much about Art History, Art critisisim, or Art Investing.. this was just a place to vent, and share our experiences with other art collectors. Hey, and maybe have a laugh or two along the way. Please feel free to join in on the discussion. All comments are welcome.

We love art photography, and MAO is currently a member of the Guggenheim Photography Acquisition Committee.

Our first love was B&W Photography (Abbott, Arbus, Levitt, Hines, Kertesz, Siskind, Faurer, Mapplethorpe, Man Ray, Arthur Tress, Weston, Burke-White, etc...).. but as We've moved more and more to the "Dark Side" our interests in Contemporary Art and Color Photography has grown! Grown out of control.. So Now collecting Vik Muniz, Nan Goldin, Edward Burtynsky, Wolfgang Tillmans, David Wojnarowicz, Adam Fuss, AVAF, John Dugdale, Kikki Smith, Larry Clark, Phillip Lorca DiCorcia, Herb Ritts, Kota Ezawa, Nikki Lee, Ellen Harvey, Marilyn Minter, Kehinde Wiley, Spencer Finch, Zak Smith, Ryan McGinley, etc.. it's all good!

Yes.. I know there's some "edgy" artists in that list.. but there's only so many thoughtful flowers, empty parkinglots, and burned out buildings you can look at before you need a litte T & A.

Thanks for reading..

FYI.. Almost all works (numbering 2000+) from the MAO collection are available for loan to show curators..

Oh, and please assume, any artist or art work we write about on this blog is probably already in the MAO collection in some form.


Contemporary and Modern Painting, Art Photography, Vintage B&W Photography, Art Books, Art Videos, Modern Sculpture, Furniture and Design. Also a total Auction Junkie.. Love to watch and be at the auctions.. Photography, Contemporary, Design, Books, HouseSales, Ebay, iGavel, Charity Auctions, slave, silent, dutch whatever.... you name it..