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November 24, 2005

I Probably DON'T Hate You!

First Off.. I Just want to wish everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Secondly, to all those many confused and angry people who emailed me today asking "How Can I Possibly be Friends with that %&!#[email protected]*! Mr. I Probably Hate You - ROCCO!" or What type of misguided deviant I must be for Rocco to refer to me as "one of his favorite people in the world." I just want to say.. Life in NYC is a strange thing sometimes.. and we can't always choose our friends.. but I like to think everything in life happens for a reason.  I try to see the good in everyone (so maybe with ROCCO you've got to look very a bit harder!). But, yes.. Rocco and I have become good friends over the last few months. I try to keep him out of prison, from killing someone, hurting himself, from Pissing off his drug dealer, out of trouble! So it's kind of my own version of a public service!

So please don't hate me, and most importantly don't believe anything She Says!!

My plan for this blog is mostly to keep a candid record of my journey in the NYC modern art world, and share my thoughts & experiences as a poor,inexperienced,novice young private collector. So the focus will be on many of the nice gallery/auction/museum people (Clamp, Cooney, Flowers, ICP, Jenkins, Kamm, Kopeikin, Milo, Phillips, Swann, ..etc) I meet, as well as vent a bit about the many bad, elitist, rude, stupid, inconsiderate, nasty, downright evil, not so nice ones (Grrrr.... Rosen, Gagosian, Christies, Sothebys, Crime & Read, Regen, Cowles, etc..) and experiences...

Plus I hope to have a discussion about artists who's work I love and think maybe undervalued or under appreciated (Goldin, Mapplethorpe, Pierson, Tress, Siskind, ..too many to list), as well as those who's work I either don't understand or who've been inflated and/or over-hyped (hmmm...Hirst, Prince, Koons, Penn, Struth, Schnabel, Ruff, Disfarmer, Lux,..etc).  Anyway that should be enough to piss everyone off give you a flavor for what's to come... all Ideas or suggestions always welcome.. 


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looking forward...

Why didn't you tell us you knew Rocco?? He could have come to our Thanksgiving Dinner! Well do you think he might be available for Christmas?

Love, Mom

you know....
I myself am perplexed by the venom that Rocco can bring out of people
but then again, i am more perplexed that people who, if they hate him as much as they say they do, continue to read his blog
we have quite a few favorite artists in common.

i get to buy art with other people's money though...

looking forward to reading more.

i can't say a word ... i met up with rocco via a lunch with his bf corey in may ... and they were both quite pleasant.

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