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November 29, 2005

Luis Pons : Places for Art BASELites to Stay?

The Fabulous Floating Villa, Did some "Important" collector leave their Villa double parked???

Luispons_floatingvillaReported by David Hershkovits Eye Spy over at it would seem the South Beach Night Time Skyline has a new, all be it floating addition!

NYC had it's floating Mini Central Park. Now, Thanks to the wit and wisdom (and influence of Robert Smithson!) of Architect Luis Pons Art BASELites can see Miami's newest mobile home at 63rd street and Collins Ave!

Hopefully with soo much going on in SoBe.. someone will get a chance to see it!

AQUAtains, NADAfiles, and BASELites Oh My!!

Wow.. there is sooo much going on in Miami.. and I thought it was only starting on Wednesday! WRONG!! Sounds like the fun started last night! Fr example.. Tonight is a big opening for Artist William Kentridge Solo Exhibition, it sounds great,  I'm bummed that I'm going to miss that opening event. Ed "I love Your Blog" Winkleman did a great job of summarizing the expected hot events to see! But, take a look at this list !!

  1. Art BASEL Miami   ---------    195 Galleries
  2. NADA Art Fair Miami ------    80 Galleries
  3. Aqua Art Miami ------------     35 Galleries
  4. PULSE Miami  --------------     47 Galleries
  5. ~ScopeMiami ---------------     67 Galleries

That's 424 Galleries!! Who would have thought there were so many?

Plus all the museum shows, special exhibitions, Open House Collections, Dinners and.. OH the parties! Who has time to see the fairs?

You just have to wonder, in 5 locations if there's going to be enough visitors to go around to give these shows real buzz this year?    I read somewhere on-line, Samuel Keller proudly saying there are 55 galleries new this year to the Art Basel Miami Fair.  How does the art world feed that many more galleries ??   Or do some go hungry?Wolfpack1_1     Do collectors and institutions spend more money because there are more galleries and artists work to see in one place.. or are all these galleries just fighting over the attention of the same 90 museums and top 100 collectors?

Well.. sorry to be a Debbie Downer, I hope all the fairs are a big success for everyone! But, it just seems like it's getting pretty crowded down there in Miami's Fairy Land!!

Well.. let the games begin.!! I'm looking forward to some fun in the sun,, a cocktail or 10,  and lots, and lots of Gallery shows to see  !

November 28, 2005

Gary Schneider : Nudes at the Aperture Foundation Gallery

This week I had a chance to stop in and see the new show at the Aperture Foundation Gallery - their new amazing space in Chelsea at 27th street.

     The first time I saw GARY SCHNEIDER : NUDES, I was wading through the stacks of new books at the ICP shop, my typical exciting Friday night geek activity. Initially I thought the work looked like flat out porn.. but then you realize OMG these are not the typical model beautiful people you'd expect to see posing nude. Then I thought maybe a cross between Andres Serrano's Morgue Series, and film stills from The X-Files. But, the more you look, the single full body portraits seem almost celestial. These images immediately lodge into your photo memory.

      So when I heard there was a full-scale show of the work.. I had to check it out! Well.. Seeing the work first hand was a very different experience!!  All the images are presented in full-frontal life size photos. It's unsettling and powerful.  I had dragged along (as I frequently do) my significant other.. hence forth and forever known on this weblog as Dr. Quiz!  He was a bit less startled than I, and proceeded to ask a few thousand questions. As a Dr. Quiz can only do! Lucky for me.. Mr. Schneider was there that afternoon to fend-off the Inquisition!!   

      Mr. Schneider's process (involving very long exposures and a small flash lite) is impressive, and adds an entire new performance dimension by both photographer and subject to each of the images. In the huge size, the human "subtleties" of their performance really standout.. some more than others!  Additionally.. you might recognize the subjects as some are well known NYC art insiders.. many standing out proud!!

  Anyway.. Both Dr. Quiz and I enjoyed the show. Thanks Gary for signing a book!

Also, The staff at Aperture has some great events planned for Dec, and seeing their new show is only one of the new attractions!

November 27, 2005

Authors' Book Signings


OK.. Check This Website Out! The find of the Book Geek Century!! I've got to go out and celebrate!! Time to do the happy snoopy dance!!

Now as much as I thought I was alone in my neurosis on collecting signed art books.. I found a website today giving A daily calendar of NYC area book signings!! WooHoo!

This is the truly wonderful thing about living in NYC.. just when you think you're the one way out on the edge.. there's always someone in this city who is more out there than you are!! Still John.. you're my hero!

November 26, 2005

Zach Feuer Gallery Gives Discounts!!

Wow.. Imagine that!! What's next... Blue Light Specials? Tag Sales, Coupons, and Widow Discount Signs?

A Hot New York Chelsea Art dealer openly admitting they give discounts in today's Saturday Wall Street Journal! See this interesting story written by Rebecca Cascade and Jacob Hale Russell : Today's WSJ Story About The Miami Art Fair and Zach Feuer's Discounts

Now I have to wonder... if you were an existing client of the Zach Feuer Gallery Website.. and you had asked for one and hadn't been given a discount would you be mad after reading this? Well.. maybe those clients don't read the Weekend Wall Street Journal!

Not to poke fun of Zach Feuer.. but what's the typical practice for gallery discounts? Once I was given a 10% discount by a really super wise gallery without me even begging asking.. it just showed up on my invoice.. a very pleasant surprise.. and money well spent for them.. cause it came back to them 10 fold in additional business and friendly referrals. Sometimes a little goodwill goes a very long way!

Oh.. And to all those happy discount getting collectors hosting open houses in Miami next week.. The editorial staff (who'll be flying down Thursday) at MAO is now accepting all Invitations!! It would seem our Art Miami Social schedule still has a few openings. Cheers! 

November 25, 2005

Is that Your Sister??

Nangoldin_viewersIt's that Holiday Time of year, which means.... crowds of tourists everywhere, and lots of NYC social functions to attend.  Most are fun get-togethers and of course it's always great having good friends over to drink celebrate! 

I have just one issue! Maybe it's just me, but am I the only art collector who always feels this slight bit of anxiety whenever new friends come over for the first time?  It typically involves some aspect of having to explain why some of the art is on the walls. I find over the years the art I live with has become very personal, and it's not always a pleasure to show it to just anyone.  Sometimes I even, depending on the friends, find myself quickly putting certain works away .. just not to deal with the judgments questions.  Am I crazy? Does anyone else out there ever do this??

As a New Yorker, I like to think most of my friends are worldly and in general pretty well educated.  Well...most of them went to college.  And with the notable exception of one truly "Special Case", most could easily tell you who's buried in Red Square!! 

Anyway.. it always shocks me how little many of them seem to know about modern art.  Maybe it's something specific to just art photography. But, I can't count how many times a friend has pointed out one of the Diane Arbus photographs on the wall, and then asks me sincerely if that's a photo of my mother, or father?  Like.... Hello??  Are you freaking kidding me?  How is one suppose to take that question??  These are powerful photo's of god damn disturbed freaks of society, the mentally Ill, transvestites, and drag queens!! Not my parents!!

Or the most frequently asked question goes something like this.... Several people, after walking around, and drinking a bit, they notice this same red haired women recurring in several large color photographs around the loft.  And eventually they get around to asking if this image of "The Lady in the Blue Bathroom" is my sister?Nangoldin_bluebathroom_1   Yikes! They don't know of Nan Goldin?  Has our education system failed so miserably?  Or are most New Yorkers just too busy to go to a museum or read an art book?  Am I expecting too much?  Any thoughts?

Well..sorry for the rant.. But, I just had to get that off my chest... because, of course, it happened again yesterday!!  And I'm sure it's going to happen again!! Grrrr.....

Happy Holidays!!

November 24, 2005

I Probably DON'T Hate You!

First Off.. I Just want to wish everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Secondly, to all those many confused and angry people who emailed me today asking "How Can I Possibly be Friends with that %&!#[email protected]*! Mr. I Probably Hate You - ROCCO!" or What type of misguided deviant I must be for Rocco to refer to me as "one of his favorite people in the world." I just want to say.. Life in NYC is a strange thing sometimes.. and we can't always choose our friends.. but I like to think everything in life happens for a reason.  I try to see the good in everyone (so maybe with ROCCO you've got to look very a bit harder!). But, yes.. Rocco and I have become good friends over the last few months. I try to keep him out of prison, from killing someone, hurting himself, from Pissing off his drug dealer, out of trouble! So it's kind of my own version of a public service!

So please don't hate me, and most importantly don't believe anything She Says!!

My plan for this blog is mostly to keep a candid record of my journey in the NYC modern art world, and share my thoughts & experiences as a poor,inexperienced,novice young private collector. So the focus will be on many of the nice gallery/auction/museum people (Clamp, Cooney, Flowers, ICP, Jenkins, Kamm, Kopeikin, Milo, Phillips, Swann, ..etc) I meet, as well as vent a bit about the many bad, elitist, rude, stupid, inconsiderate, nasty, downright evil, not so nice ones (Grrrr.... Rosen, Gagosian, Christies, Sothebys, Crime & Read, Regen, Cowles, etc..) and experiences...

Plus I hope to have a discussion about artists who's work I love and think maybe undervalued or under appreciated (Goldin, Mapplethorpe, Pierson, Tress, Siskind, ..too many to list), as well as those who's work I either don't understand or who've been inflated and/or over-hyped (hmmm...Hirst, Prince, Koons, Penn, Struth, Schnabel, Ruff, Disfarmer, Lux,..etc).  Anyway that should be enough to piss everyone off give you a flavor for what's to come... all Ideas or suggestions always welcome.. 

November 23, 2005

Laurie Simmons Does 6th Ave

One of MAO's major Obsessions... Meeting and getting a Signed 1st Edition Art Book! WooooHooo!

Ok.. I guess that's technically 2 obsessions.. But who's counting!

There are some things in life we just don't outgrow from High School... "Can you sign my year book?" Yikes, I'm such a Geek!

Well.. it was cold and pissing down rain... but I schlepped over without an umbrella to the Chelsea Barns & Noble on 6th Ave the other night to hear Laurie Simmons give a talk about her work, and her new book Walking, Talking, Lying published from the great people of Aperture.

Well... there were about 12 brave wet souls in it was reassuring to know, I'm not the only Art Book Geek in Manhattan!! Laurie is super nice for a famous photographer, which, sad to say, is somewhat out of the norm for an Artist of her importance. Laurie read very eloquently from her book, which she actually wrote some of (also not the norm for a photographer) along with a thoughtful essay by Kate Linker.

Ms. Simmons then gave us a sneak private screening of one of her 3 new short films she's been working on with an entire staff of major film talents. They are all to be shown at MOMA in May'06 I believe. The film we saw was called Audition, and featured several of Laurie's most memorable photographic characters come to life... all from her great series "Things on Legs"Lauriesimmons_book  They are featured Tap dancing to music! So funny..! OK.. I know I've had dreams like this.. mostly when I was experimenting in college!!  Anyway.. I won't give away the plot.. but needless to say.. I'm looking forward to seeing the other 2 films in May!

And of course the night was topped off by getting one of her new books signed for the MAO library.. Thanks Laurie!

November 22, 2005

My First Post

Ok.. Well.. I knew this had to start someday! I've been reading friends Art Blogs the last few years, and I figure it was about time to try one myself. There's some really great blogs out there on the world wide web.. some ok ones... and some really lame crap just full of self promotion... Well..I'm sure this one will be somewhere in that spectrum.. depending on your point of view!

So I sincerely apologize in advance to anyone whom I may offend, misspell, anger, miss quote, pick  on, annoy, expose, ignore, make fun of, in general rant about, displease, violate or report in error! It was all good intentioned!!