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November 23, 2005

Laurie Simmons Does 6th Ave

One of MAO's major Obsessions... Meeting and getting a Signed 1st Edition Art Book! WooooHooo!

Ok.. I guess that's technically 2 obsessions.. But who's counting!

There are some things in life we just don't outgrow from High School... "Can you sign my year book?" Yikes, I'm such a Geek!

Well.. it was cold and pissing down rain... but I schlepped over without an umbrella to the Chelsea Barns & Noble on 6th Ave the other night to hear Laurie Simmons give a talk about her work, and her new book Walking, Talking, Lying published from the great people of Aperture.

Well... there were about 12 brave wet souls in attendance..so it was reassuring to know, I'm not the only Art Book Geek in Manhattan!! Laurie is super nice for a famous photographer, which, sad to say, is somewhat out of the norm for an Artist of her importance. Laurie read very eloquently from her book, which she actually wrote some of (also not the norm for a photographer) along with a thoughtful essay by Kate Linker.

Ms. Simmons then gave us a sneak private screening of one of her 3 new short films she's been working on with an entire staff of major film talents. They are all to be shown at MOMA in May'06 I believe. The film we saw was called Audition, and featured several of Laurie's most memorable photographic characters come to life... all from her great series "Things on Legs"Lauriesimmons_book  They are featured Tap dancing to music! So funny..! OK.. I know I've had dreams like this.. mostly when I was experimenting in college!!  Anyway.. I won't give away the plot.. but needless to say.. I'm looking forward to seeing the other 2 films in May!

And of course the night was topped off by getting one of her new books signed for the MAO library.. Thanks Laurie!


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Hey MAO..
This is a very cool website..
But Why didn't you list me as one of your favorite artists???

He probably doesn't like you girl! Get Over it.

laurie is a living doll.
i need to frame mine.

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