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November 22, 2005

My First Post

Ok.. Well.. I knew this had to start someday! I've been reading friends Art Blogs the last few years, and I figure it was about time to try one myself. There's some really great blogs out there on the world wide web.. some ok ones... and some really lame crap just full of self promotion... Well..I'm sure this one will be somewhere in that spectrum.. depending on your point of view!

So I sincerely apologize in advance to anyone whom I may offend, misspell, anger, miss quote, pick  on, annoy, expose, ignore, make fun of, in general rant about, displease, violate or report in error! It was all good intentioned!!


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Hi Son.. Just wanted to say Congratulations on the Blog.. we're sooo proud of you!!


Even your mom knew before me? We have problems

Yeah Mikey! Way to go on the blog!

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