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December 04, 2005

Art Basel Miami Day 2!

Woo Hooo.. What was the name of the Bus that Hit Me?? Can you say.. ROCCO's staying with me!! Like, What Was I thinking????.. Too Much fun.. But not sure if my Liver is going to make it!

So got up late and checked out the Main Art Basel Miami Fair on Friday.. Much Bigger than I had expected.. It's Like Big Big!! Lot's of Red Dots everywhere!! You'd think it was a Target Tag Sale!

So Lot's of cool stuff.. way too much to list/say..other will probably say it better. So I'll just let all the Art Baselite cover it!

I'm somewhat of a Secondary Art Photo Focused Collector.. So within only that spectrum..

1. Who was hot (lot's of it and most with red dots!) at the Art Basel Fair.. Hoffer, Ruff, Muniz, Burtynsky, and Tillmans

2. Who's work I surprised to not see much of at the fair.. Prince, Neshat, Sherman, DiCorcia, Struth, and.. Lux.

Well.. Just my observations.. for what that's worth.


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