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December 07, 2005

Gregory Crewdson Self-Proclaimed Realist

OK.. first off..

I just have to say.. I'm home watching the new season premier of Bravo's Project Runway. Am I the only person who thinks It's by far the Best GAY Comedy on TV??

   Last night I attended a panel discussion sponsored by The New School and Aperture. And something very strange happened.. moderated by Author, Susan Bright.. The Super Star Photographer Gregory Crewdson stated, "I'm a Realist Artist in the same tradition as Walker Evans, Diane Arbus, and Edward Hopper..". WHAT?? Is he smoking crack kidding?? Needless to say.. most of the photo aficionado crowd and I disagreed!

Img_0609bGranted almost any photograph can be considered a realist image.  But, within the medium of photography, I'd have to classify Mr. Crewdson pretty far away from a Realist!

I like Crewdson's work, and if it weren't so outrageously expensive/overpriced I'd have some of his staged fanciful dreamlike photos on my wall... But is it possible he really thinks of himself as a realist??  It's just surprising to think the public opinion of an artist's work can be so different than the artist's view of their own work.


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OMG the new Project Runway's gonna be good. And what was up with that bald guy's breakdown?? I was laughing... all the while he had on this T-shirt that screamed "I AM SO LA"!!

Right!! His dress was terrible.. But, They can't kick him off.. cause he's such a total train wreck.. everyone will watch just to see his next emotional breakdown! It's Hysterical! I love it!

damn... i adore project runway... and here in canada it's broadcast months later on another network.
austin scarlett rules !!!

Crewdson is a hack. Mike -- I was so impressed -- then you slip up.

You shoulds seen the crap coming out of the Yale MFA Photo program. It's all his fault.

actually Mike, Kim made me watch it the other night and that guy was UFB. the way he cried. what the hell is wrong with him???


i could argue that he could be considered "hyper" real.
but i won't
because i think he sucks and its not really worth the effort.

a realist? nothings faker than photoshop.

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