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December 30, 2005

Top 10 Ennui

OK.. It's not even the end of the year.. And I'm already totally sick bored fed-up with 2005 Top 10 Art Lists!!!   I've seen my fill already, Artforum had about at least 11 Top ten lists, NYT - Mike Kimmelman, Galley Hopper, Conscientious, View From The Edge of the Universe, and even TimeOut NY this week probably had another 30+ top lists!  I'm sure there will be alot more.. some may even be a bit thoughful.  But, Can this listing thing get any more tired??  Maybe we should make a top list of top 10 lists....??? I think I just did.   Isn't there anything real to write about?  Like after the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and The Gates Disasters.. what's left to list ?

OK... I'm a bit cranky this morning, sorry, got kicked out of my favorite NYC dive bar, "The Regal Beagle" last night at Midnight for being too pretty wearing sneakers!!  Geeeze, even in a subculture of clones outcasts there's pressure to conform!!  Lighten up girls guys!! Grrrrr...

Oh, before I forget, Stay tuned!! Tuesday, Jan 3rd Morning... We kick off the First BIG MAO Monthly Art Quiz... with a huge expensive Cool Prize to the Winner!

December 28, 2005

"Imagining America" on PBS Tonight

Sounds like a very interesting PBS program is on tonight....Hmmmm... maybe it's time I figure out how to use that DVD recorder.. Dr. Quiz.. HELP!!

I think I'm going to need to watch this one a few times.. and surely everyone will be blogging about it for the next few weeks, which artists were in, who should have been left out (please... no Mike Kelley!), who should have been in....etc...

IMAGINING AMERICA: ICONS OF 20TH CENTURY AMERICAN ART, airing on PBS Wednesday, December 28, 2005, 9:00-11:00 p.m. ET, is a journey through the transformations that took place in 20th-century America, told through the words and work of some of the century's most significant artists.  Featuring archival interviews with artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, Willem de Kooning, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquait, and new interviews with artists and art historians including Ed Ruscha, Wanda Corn, Jonathan Fineberg and Grace Hartigan, IMAGINING AMERICA provides a window into 20th-century America through the eyes of those who both chronicled and transformed it.

December 27, 2005

Wine and Art... A Match Not Made in Albany

Happy Holidays !!

     Sometimes I'm just amazed at the proliferation of New Art Galleries the last few years around New York. It would seem every time I walk down a block in west Chelsea.. there's a new big building going up to be filled with art galleries.

   Now, Don't get me wrong.. Clearly, the more art galleries there are, the better! Also, the more places to see and show artists work.. the better it is for everyone.. artists, collectors, museums, and the general community at large.  Well.. apparently The Republicans someone in Albany doesn't agree!

This weekend I was surprised to see in my favorite East End Paper: You Can Buy Some Wine, But You Can’t Buy Art!

     In short, for those of us lucky enough to get to enjoy the beauty of Long Island's east end, the sale (and display) of local artists work just got limited.  One of Dr. Quiz and my favorite things to do out east when the weather's bad, is going free drinking wine tasting at the 30+ improving Long Island wineries.   

    Well apparently, the wisdom of the NY State Liquor authority has determined the sale of Art at a winery is illegal. Other than their wine, they are only allowed to sell souvenirs, of either their winery or the state of New York.  Joshua Toas the new SLA Chief executive and a Pataki appointee, has begun to enforce these laws.

Kruger_winebottle_2 Fischl_winebottle_1     Over the years, many of the the Long Island wineries, have been showing (and selling) the work of Local East End Artists.  It's been a great outlet for many local artists to have their work seen by the 500,000+ visitors to the wineries each year.  Interestingly some LI wineries have even commissioned well known artists to design labels for their wine.  This year, both Barbara Kruger and Eric Fischl have created labels for Bedell Cellars Winery.

After all, what goes better with Art, than drinking wine??  Clearly many of the people buying art blindly insatiably at ABMB this year were drinking heavily!! 

     Now obviously, you don't go to Bedell Cellars Winery expecting to see the next Loretta Lux, Thomas Ruff, Richard Tuttle, or even god forbid a Mike Kelley installation. But the local East End Art work is generally interesting to see, financially supports local artists, and it sure beats the tired "I Heart NY" bumper stickers we'll be seeing for sale at every winery this spring!!

December 21, 2005

Nobuyoshi Araki at Anton Kern Gallery

This past Sat Morning after previewing the huge hodge-podge of leftovers photo, print and design stuff that has become the Sat @ Phillips Auction.. Strangely enough famed Broadway Playwright Edward Albee was there early, with paddle in hand as well.  I walked over to see the Araki Nobuyoshi show at Anton Kern.


It was early.. Like 10:30am which I guess is way too early for gallerina time! So I was all alone, it was super quiet, so quiet, I could easily eavesdrop hear & see Mr. Kern very clearly on the phone.

"Hi Vince.. It's Anton Kern, I was wondering if you'll have time to come see our Nobuyoshi Araki Show, as you probably know it was featured in yesterday's New York Times...please give me a call if you have any questions. Thanks, Happy Holidays!"

First off, one friendly MAO suggestion to gallery owners.. either close the office door, talk softer, lookout for nosey bloggers, try to actually engage your visitors, or put some music on in the background! 

But I digress.. So.. It was interesting to hear a gallery owner begging, selling his soul lobAraki_2bying for a show review.  I guess with too so many shows in Chelsea as the ever thought provoking Ed Winkleman wrote and hotly debated yesterday. Even one proud MAN blogger lost his cool,cookies "Christmas Spirit" in a debate with one anonymous coward, gallerina, heckler commenter!  OK, so, it's a major hurtle to get a show reviewed..fine.  But then I was thinking why doesn't someone just start a business where gallery owners pay a fee, and have a nice positive fluffy review written.. oh.. wait.. Artforum has already filled that business model.  I guess Gagosian (a-la "Mike Kelley's "Day is Over-Done") has already proved the theory that there's a positive correlation between the amount of money spent on advertising in art magazines and the probability of a show getting a prominent and always positive review. Enough said on that!

        Araki.. So..  Like we've never had a show of colorful pictures of over sexed flowers and naked tortured girls before...? Now that's something Vince should run over to see and write up ASAP!! Can you say...totally forgettable, been there done by everyone, they All Rook-A-Rike?  NO? Is this really an important show deserving of that now precious, valuable, scarce all-mighty critic review?

        Well.. Maybe.  While I found the work (mostly diptychs of one pouty faced tide-up girl, and a painted flower) a bit contrived, tacky and sometimes laughable.  It does give the NYC American Art world in-site as to what's successful in Japan and how it's been over run by the American art aesthetic.  To his credit, the work does show transition and growth. 

      Last night I looked back through two old books, Tokyo Love - Spring Fever Nan Goldin and Nobuyoshi Araki ,1994, and Promiscuous Flowers - The photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe and Nobuyoshi Araki, 2001.   In these projects Araki's work looks simple, flat, almost amateurish when in direct comparison to these 2 NYC American masters.  Was this a Japanese vs American art aesthetic? I think so. But his latest work, he's achieved complexity and depth the previous photo's lacked, but now it all looks very 1990's American!

       It's clear Araki has been heavily influenced by American art photography, maybe too much.  I found these new hyper colorized painted flowers on their own, an interesting twist on the typical pretty flower image.  They almost appear bleeding, liquid and raw.  A show of these alone might have been more interesting to an American eye.  Whether this show is deserving of yet another critic review.. I guess that's up to Vince, and the ad sales department of Artforum!  But I do think it shows an interesting transition of a Japanese photographer trying (and probably failing) to appeal to the new NYC American contemporary art photography aesthetic.

December 20, 2005

Peter Norton's Vik Muniz Christmas Gift

Vik_ashtray1MAO does Ceramics..better known as Chachka?? Well. sometimes.. if it's by one of our favorite Contemporary Artists. Hey, At least it's not Video Art (aka.. The New Ceramics).

In this weekend's Sunday NY Times there was a
story about The Peter Norton Christmas Gifts.

What Carol Kino failed to mention, in 1999 Vik Muniz was brilliantly commissioned to design a Peter Norton Family Christmas Project gift produced by Bernardaud in Limges, France.  Vik made an ashtray with an image printed on the inside of a man standing on a mountain ridge looking into a misty valley.  Vik's image named "Wanderer Above the Sea of Ashes, after Caspar David Friedrich"


In 1818 Caspar David Friedrich, the 19th century German romantic painter, created "Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog."  MAO is not sure where the original painting currently lives, We've never seen it, but it's pretty funny for Vik to put his appropriated version on the inside of an ashtray!

What make MAO really howl...

Vik puts at the base of the image a few very lifelike used cigarette butts.  So at first when you see the ashtray, it looks used and dirty! Totally Hysterical!

Vik_ashtry2Now we know, many of you may find it hard to believe... But no one on the MAO staff is important enough to be currently on the direct Christmas mailing gift list of the Peter Norton family!  Clearly a clerical over-site!  But, as a total Vik Muniz addict we just had to have this one! 

After about a year of searching, Thank you EBay! We finally found it up for sale a few weeks ago. There were only a few smart bidders, who clearly were not as Vik crazed dedicated as MAO. We it's ourd!! Yea!! 

But, the interesting story was the EBay seller was a prominent, now retired, NY city museum curator, who swore MAO to a lifetime of secrecy never to divulge their name in public (private email only please)!

Now... if anyone has a Vik Muniz Medusa Marinara Plate they'd like to sell...??? MAO is a buyer,  we need to complete our Vik Muniz Chachka Ceramic's collection. 

And if anyone reading has the 1997 Norton Kara Walker "Freedom: A Fable" pop-up book..or any of the other wonderful Norton Commissioned Art Works, Christmas is only a few days away.. so please contact MAO's partner, Dr. Quiz quickly, cause MAO has been a very good boy this year!

December 18, 2005

Naughty or Nice??

Even though I only blog work 2 blocks away, it was nice to stop (for a few seconds) and take in the beauty of Rockefeller Center! Photo's taken on the run over walk-through the huge crowds of lost tourists Friday Night to our Office Christmas Party at the Rainbow Room.

Rock_center2 Some fun RockCenter Tree Facts...

It's Big!! Like Big Big! 80 foot tall x 41 feet wide

It's Old!! 50 Years Old, Norway Spruce

It's Bright!! Approx 30,000 multi-colored 7.5 watt bulbs on over 5 Miles of Wire. The Tree is Lite from 5:30-11:30pm until Jan 6th.

For the past 20 years, Featured in the Channel Gardens are the 12 herald angels by Valerie Clarebout (Valerie who??)

For all our crystals queens fans .. Be sure not to miss.. Sachs_starsOn top of the tree.. The Swarovski Star at Rockefeller Center : The largest ever!! 550 lbs made of 25,000 crystals.. It's 9.5 feet in diameter and 1.5 feet deep!

Also.. Being ever the true retail holiday..there's festive music and flashing stars just to get your attention onto the Sachs 5th Ave Building Facade every 10 minutes till Jan 7th! A bit tacky, it's no Jenny Holzer..but actually looked pretty cool to see and hear! And I'm sure Auntie Edna visiting from Topeka, Kansas will Just Love it!!

So.. Rainbowroom_danceThe Company Holiday Party at the Rainbow Room!  SWEET!! The epitome of NY Style, Glamour and Sophistication!! Need I say more??

Actually, It's Now a home for overpaid rich foreign company Holiday Parties!! Woohoo! Well.. I had a blast! Dancing well past midnight, on the 65th floor of the GE building, An amazing place for any event!

December 14, 2005

Phillips de Pury to Represent Artists!!

My favorite auction house announced a new strategic direction, it will start representing artists, and holding regular selling shows in it's Chelsea Gallery space.  Phillips de Pury & Company posted on their website their first selling show for Icon Celebrity Photographer Mario Testino starting on January 28th, 2006!

Testino It's interesting to see, yet another player in the primary art market now fighting to build a stable of artists!  I think Mario Testino was, at one point, represented by Mary Boone, or at least the last gallery shows of his work in NYC were with Mary Boone in Nov 1998 and at the NYC Visionaire Gallery in Sept 1999.

Phillips said in a press release "Starting in January 2006, the exhibitions will run alongside the company’s regular auction schedule and will include a select number of leading designers, photographers and artists."

You have to wonder if this new direction as a primary dealer is a conflict of interest with being seen as an "independent auction clearing house"?  Or will it bring more transparency of price/valuation information for works of art?    Will they be more able to help maintain stable prices for their own in house artists?

Well.. I wish them all the best of luck in this new endeavor.. It's an interesting development. I look forward to attending the openings and seeing the cat fight as they lure artists away from established Chelsea galleries new shows.

Mike Kelley's "Day Is Done" at Gagosian Gallery

I went back to see the huge Mike Kelley show last weekend because the show is closing soon (Dec 17th), and I read way too so much about it again and again. Here's just a few of the reviews...

So, I needed to see it again..  The first time, it was sensory overload,hard to focus, and I thought it cool..not so much at all the second time. Mikekelley I totally hated the show!

So I wasn't going to Blog about it, instead I was going to write how much I enjoyed Tyler Green's (assist from Ed Winkleman) talk on Burtynsky at the Brooklyn Museum this Sunday.  Tyler's talk was an interesting contrast to when I got to hear Ed Burtynsky talk about his show a few weeks ago.  By the way guys.. Burtynsky photo's are much more affordable that what Ed told the crowd Sunday.

But back to Kelley..  So.....  this morning I read Download MikeKelley.txt yet another feature story by Michael Killeen on Bloomberg News and I realize I will probably never see this show again, and that's fine with me!  Does Gagosian pay for all this press?? I don't think this show was anything special. Just a huge amount of glitz,  lights, with little meaning or thoughtful message. Why are so many art people writing so much about it??  I'm sure it was a huge amount of work to put it all together, it's big, but many of the pieces weren't even very memorable.  I found this blogger who agrees with me!  So, I'm a bit sad to read most of the 28 sections have sold from $250,000 to $650,000!  What are these people going to do with this over-hyped crap stuff ??  Do they just buy it because it's at Gagosian?  And why would a museum/institution waste their money buy any of this? Anyway.. just needed to vent.. and luckily the show closes soon.. So we won't have to read too much more about it!!

December 12, 2005

Nan Goldin - New Art Book of the Month

So in honor of the Swann Galleries Photography/Book Auctions Today.. (Yes. I'm not the only Geek collector interested in collecting art books, there's actually a developed auction market for this stuff!)

I'm starting the first New Art Book Of the Month.
  So while visiting the New Shows at ICP Friday night, I stopped in their book store to find.. Img_0614this new gem!

Soeurs, Saintes et Sibylles By Nan Goldin

This new book (written in both French and English) includes old family snapshots, some of her most powerful classic images, plus many new photos.  Unlike most of Nan's previous work which focused on the colorful people in her life, (mostly her close personal friends), this work exclusively looks back at Nan's life and family.  Most significantly, it's focus is on her Sister Barbara's tortured life and how it impacted her.  I found the work powerful, beautiful, tragic, and as always deeply personal, exactly what we'd expect form this great artist!  I loved it.. but then again (if you've met some of my friends, you'll know) I'm such a sucker for people's tragic drama!

Also.. for all you Nan Goldin fans.. there's a new museum show opening up next week.

Nan Goldin: Fantastic Tales - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philly Dec 17th - Feb 12, 2006.

Works from the private collection of Gerry & David Pincus. A Show Catalogue will also be published by the Penn State Press. It's Available Now.. FANTASTIC TALES: The Photography of Nan Goldin.  So.. Anyone up for a Weekend Philly Road Trip?

December 11, 2005

Stephen Shore and Peter Hujar at P.S.1

There's Contemporary Art Outside of Manhattan?? One of the best kept secrets in the NYC art world.. is P.S.1! It would seem some smart bloggers from the wrong west coast found it on their last tripl!

So, I got out my Atlas NYC tour book.. and traveled across water, into QUEENS to find P.S.1!
Img_0610And yes, I've been there before, the trip, as always, was well worth it!  P.S.1 was totally empty this Sunday, and while it may not be pretty to look out from the outside, it has some impressive sites inside. Currently 2 great shows, plus a entire host of extras.

The Stephen Shore : American Surface show has about 300 color photo's taken during his road trip across country from 1972 and 73. I found it almost too much to see in just one visit.  In a rebellion against the current art photo trend of Shore_july97frig_1 bigger is better size queens, all these photos are shown in ~8x10 prints.  There's no doubt in my mind Mr. Shore belongs right next to William Eggleston in the list of "Daddys" "Fathers"of color art Photography.
    I wasn't familiar with many of these images, but it was clear to see Shore's influence on so many modern color art photographers. Certainly Wolfgang Tillmans, Alec Soth, and Phillip Lorca DiCorci just to name a few, have copied  referenced Shore's work.  Many of the shows rich color images are of white trash common everyday things in middle America. His striking Michigan July 1972 image  (photo #2)of the inside of an empty dirty fridge, and some of his great dining table images just turn the typical concept of still life photography upside down. They are truly magical! A show not to be missed.. it's there only until Jan 23rd.Hujar_fayette

The other great show, is the first American museum exhibition dedicated to Peter Hujar(1934-1987) since 1990. Unlike the Matthew Marks Gallery, Peter Hujar:Night show this summer, this show is a full spectrum of Peter's work, some 70 images, many never exhibited or reproduced before.

   I've always thought of Hujar as one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 1980's.  This becomes clear with this show.  In the way Daine Arbus exploited drew attention to her freaks subjects oddities, Hujar's images almost romanticize their differences.  Here portraits of circus clowns, an ugly dog, a contortionist, and drag Queens/transvestites are made beautiful and normal.  Unlike the Night Show this summer, throughout all of this work you can seen Hujar's sense of mortality.  The images are much more somber but yet inspirational.  This feeling is most evident in his portrait of Candy Carling dying in a hospital bed.

The show is up until Jan 16th. Now, I just wish P.S.1 were in Manhattan!!

December 09, 2005

New STREETWISE viewing with Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell

Just too many NYC Art events last night.. how to choose??

So I dragged Dr.Quiz (my other cuter better half) to Aperture to see a premier viewing of Mary Ellen Mark & her filmmaker husband Martin Bell's 2004 update of their original great Streetwise documentary. Mary_ellen_mark_streetwise_1

So they 1st showed the original 1980's movie - which reminded me how amazing it was! But when they started to play the new movie titled, ERIN - after the character Tiny (in photo), now that she's aged grown up!  But, there were major fuckups technical problems! The 100+ person crowd only got to see ~2 minutes of it, DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Well.. Mary Ellen and Martin took lots of questions, and talked about the movie.. they're both super nice! but no ERIN showing! Grrrrr!

So.. I hope Aperture will reschedule another viewing !

There's still hope.. Martin, mentioned their plan to try to make a buck release the 2 movies together on a DVD someday.

December 07, 2005

Gregory Crewdson Self-Proclaimed Realist

OK.. first off..

I just have to say.. I'm home watching the new season premier of Bravo's Project Runway. Am I the only person who thinks It's by far the Best GAY Comedy on TV??

   Last night I attended a panel discussion sponsored by The New School and Aperture. And something very strange happened.. moderated by Author, Susan Bright.. The Super Star Photographer Gregory Crewdson stated, "I'm a Realist Artist in the same tradition as Walker Evans, Diane Arbus, and Edward Hopper..". WHAT?? Is he smoking crack kidding?? Needless to say.. most of the photo aficionado crowd and I disagreed!

Img_0609bGranted almost any photograph can be considered a realist image.  But, within the medium of photography, I'd have to classify Mr. Crewdson pretty far away from a Realist!

I like Crewdson's work, and if it weren't so outrageously expensive/overpriced I'd have some of his staged fanciful dreamlike photos on my wall... But is it possible he really thinks of himself as a realist??  It's just surprising to think the public opinion of an artist's work can be so different than the artist's view of their own work.

December 06, 2005

Rob Fischer @ The Whitney's Altria Gallery

     When I see an abandoned Toyota pickup truck, oil drum, used water pipes, and a beat up mobile home, I think of Urban waste.  Artist Bob Fischer sees people's choices, the decisions many individuals have made in their lives to leave something behind.  It's exactly those items he's chosen to re-use giving them new life in his art.

      Last night I caught a Whitney Contemporaries educational program lecture at the Whitney Museum at Altria By Artist Rob Fischer and Shamim M. Momin (Branch Director and 2004 Biennial Co-Curator). Rob_fischer_altar

     The project was commissioned specifically for the Altria Gallery and the great sized sculpture garden atrium of the 42nd street office building.  The 7 large sculptures were mostly built on site, and tightly relate concepts of time, mobility, human usefulness, monumentality, birth and re-birth to one another.

     The sculpture court, is anchored by 2 giant almost skyscraper feeling towers opposing each other.  The 23 foot tall mirror covered green and rust metal garbage dumpster (photo #1) is  titled "I bet you think this song is about you, 2005", while the 35 foot high (photo #2) "Your vigor for life appalls me, 2005" is constructed of wood, and white plaster of hallways and closets.  Both these monument like pieces while very different in color and material appearance are deeply related. They share common human concepts concerning life cycles, choices, vanity, hubris, and pathways. Img_0603

     The true standout work is in the formal Altria Gallery.  This 16 foot tall x 15 foot wide industrial looking sculpture is mostly constructed from chopped up parts of Rob Fischer's previous work "Ten Yards, 2003."  It had been exhibited in the 2004 Whitney Biennial where it featured a large steel and glass sided filled garbage dumpster. At the time, it seemed an impressive complete work of art. Now he's sliced, and combined the work with other past projects into a more mature, complex re-born sculpture.

       Named: "30 Yards (Minor Tragedies Dissected), 2005" (photo #3) Rob additionally adds in remnants of several of his past exhibition work featuring a mobile home, a glass greenhouse, a cut in half pickup truck bed, a row boat and more.  He loosely ties these diverse pieces with metal plumbing in an effort to breath life into this pile of used junk.  He succeeds.  The sculpture has great tonal qualities, volume and movement.  It also seems both solid and yet fragile. The viewer is presented with great abstract shapes and patterns from every side in ways that MOMA's Elizabeth Murray can only hope to attain.  But what adds to it's dimension is the material's art history, to know these were items in previous museum works the artist sacrificed to create something new and possibly more complete is refreshing.  The viewer can't help but wonder... where and when is this transformation going to end?

        Looking at the other works in the show, I look forward to seeing what Rob Fischer does next with these sculptures. The exhibition is only on view till Jan 22ndImg_0606, and given Rob's propensity to reuse his materials, I can say with certainty it's the last chance you'll have to see these sculptures in this form!

December 05, 2005

Art BASEL MAIMI - Last Few Hours in Miami

Ok.. well Art Basel Miami is over. I'm glad it was only 4 days.. My wallet Liver couldn't take another night!   A big thanks goes out to ROCCO and Oliver aka... DADDY With A DAWG   for keeping every night an interesting adventure!!

So.... Time to catch some nice beach time alone!
Beach_05_2 Beach_05_1

December 04, 2005

Art Basel Miami Day 4!!

OK.. So after 4 days of parties Art. We needed to decided to keep the day lite, and enjoy the beach!! So we headed for the Art Positions.. aka The Containers!!


They are not exactly the best spaces to see art.. so we were not expecting too much. But it's always interesting to see how the artist and gallery people cope.Img_0598_1


Photo #2 - My friend and a Big Time Collector looking hungover trying not to be seen!



                        Photo #3-------   Elvis!!!Img_0596_1 ------------   

Photo #4 - OK.. so I honestly Don't remember which gallery this was.. but boy were they cool to see!!


Photo #5  By far.. The MAO favorite of the Day.. The work of KOTA EZAWA "The History of Photography" presented by San Fran's Haines Gallery! Thanks for the info Cheryl !

I think MAO must have one of these for the collection!! Anyone know anything about (or have strong opinions? Rumor is a well funded NYC Museum has already bought into this artist.. Truth or Lie??) Mr. Kota Ezawa's work/video's?


    Well... great Day at the beach and we had just enough of the Art BASEL Miami Containers!

Day NADA Miami !!! PULSE By Night!

Miami Day 3!

Headed to NADA Miami this morning. Totally great.. I shouldn't have waited till day 3! I can honestly say.. It was my favorite fair.. Very cool.. certainly the most cutting edge. But also... We found much less of that Typical Bitchy, Elitist, Snobby, BS, Art Tude going around!

    For example.. when you entered NADA... there were 8 Hammocks Hung with guys making out people lounging listening to groovey music between the palm trees!! Too Cool! Plus, there was just more fun and interesting discussions going on between dealers, and collectors than other fairs. It doesn't get any better!! And lastly.. as they say.. the best thing in life are FREE to enter!!!

The True standouts for me....    John Connolly Presents (AVAF), Murray Guy (Kota Ezawa), and Oliver Kamm 5BE Gallery (Jen DeNike). I also loved seeing the 2 Yoko Ono Videos courtesy of Daniel Reich Gallery!

So we could have stayed all day and made out on the Hammocks at NADA! oh.. and if the Great Art and Galleries weren't enough.. Also seen at NADA... One of MAO's Favorite Bush Bashing People - Ex Gov of TX Ann Richards.. We Luv Ha!

Well, being the ever curious collector.. we headed to PULSE Miami.

It was just about the same here (except a bit smaller.. and they charged $10 bucks to get it.. like why?).. But anyways, Lots of RED DOTS, and Very Happy (but somewhat tired.. these guys are just not used to a hard days work!!) Gallery Owners Here!!  MAO's Gallery fair standouts.. Catharine Clark Gallery (Andy Diaz Hope), Robert Mann Gallery - NYC (Luis Gonzalez Palma, and Aneta Grzeszykowska & Jan Smaga) , and PPOW Gallery (Ellen Kooi).

So, No celebs here to report.. I guess the $10 tickets must have kept them away! 

Art Basel Miami Day 2!

Woo Hooo.. What was the name of the Bus that Hit Me?? Can you say.. ROCCO's staying with me!! Like, What Was I thinking????.. Too Much fun.. But not sure if my Liver is going to make it!

So got up late and checked out the Main Art Basel Miami Fair on Friday.. Much Bigger than I had expected.. It's Like Big Big!! Lot's of Red Dots everywhere!! You'd think it was a Target Tag Sale!

So Lot's of cool stuff.. way too much to list/say..other will probably say it better. So I'll just let all the Art Baselite cover it!

I'm somewhat of a Secondary Art Photo Focused Collector.. So within only that spectrum..

1. Who was hot (lot's of it and most with red dots!) at the Art Basel Fair.. Hoffer, Ruff, Muniz, Burtynsky, and Tillmans

2. Who's work I surprised to not see much of at the fair.. Prince, Neshat, Sherman, DiCorcia, Struth, and.. Lux.

Well.. Just my observations.. for what that's worth.

December 03, 2005

Chris Dorland @ Scope Miami

Chris Dorland, originally uploaded by Bromirski.

I Found this Photo on flickr.
Artist Chris Dorland standing with 2 of his great paintings.

December 02, 2005

Art Miami - MAO Does Aqua and Scope

OK.. So Got Down to Miami.. Better Late the never... I just hate it when that "Day Job Thing" Gets in the way of my Art Collecting!!! 

So, this morning The Art News Paper- Art Basel Daily Edition had already reported that all the "Really Good Art" had been bought up at the Pre-opening of the main Basel Miami Fair.. So... We decided we'd get a jump on the "Important Collectors" and hit the other fairs first.

Well.. MAO was not alone in that train of thought!!

                First Stop.. Aqua Art Miami Fair. Well.. all I can say.. 1st off.. we were ahead of the crowds and secondly.. the Seattle art scene is not exactly what I had hoped.. but the fair had some true standouts INMAN Gallery - Houston, and Plus Ultra Gallery - Ed "I love your Blog" Winkleman! Now, I soo have to go back and introduce myself, I Loved that Jennifer Dalton work you had at the fair Ed!!! Seen at Aqua : very quietly walking alone was none other than NYC playwrite Edward Albee!

               Second Stop....   ~SCOPE Miami and all I can say.. WOW.. totally jammed.. and Boy Was the ART selling fast!!! Best Quote of the day...  "We've got to CALL HOME and Have them SEND MORE ART RIGHT AWAY... WE'VE SOLD OUT OF EVERYTHING!!!" - Yikes!! Now I don't exactly remember which very Happy Gallery owner on the 4th floor said this to me.. But It basically summed up the SCOPE fair!  People were buying with both hands.. and asking questions later! I'm not sure if that was before or after hitting the free drinks on the roof deck.. But I'd guess after!! Seen at ~Scope.. Nicole Kidman And Nicole sooo winked at me a few times.. Oh well... I guess she's got a thing for the Gay Boys!!

ok.. .. what can I say...I'm a name dropper.

Today... Basel Miami... and NADA!