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December 14, 2005

Mike Kelley's "Day Is Done" at Gagosian Gallery

I went back to see the huge Mike Kelley show last weekend because the show is closing soon (Dec 17th), and I read way too so much about it again and again. Here's just a few of the reviews...

So, I needed to see it again..  The first time, it was sensory overload,hard to focus, and I thought it cool..not so much at all the second time. Mikekelley I totally hated the show!

So I wasn't going to Blog about it, instead I was going to write how much I enjoyed Tyler Green's (assist from Ed Winkleman) talk on Burtynsky at the Brooklyn Museum this Sunday.  Tyler's talk was an interesting contrast to when I got to hear Ed Burtynsky talk about his show a few weeks ago.  By the way guys.. Burtynsky photo's are much more affordable that what Ed told the crowd Sunday.

But back to Kelley..  So.....  this morning I read Download MikeKelley.txt yet another feature story by Michael Killeen on Bloomberg News and I realize I will probably never see this show again, and that's fine with me!  Does Gagosian pay for all this press?? I don't think this show was anything special. Just a huge amount of glitz,  lights, with little meaning or thoughtful message. Why are so many art people writing so much about it??  I'm sure it was a huge amount of work to put it all together, it's big, but many of the pieces weren't even very memorable.  I found this blogger who agrees with me!  So, I'm a bit sad to read most of the 28 sections have sold from $250,000 to $650,000!  What are these people going to do with this over-hyped crap stuff ??  Do they just buy it because it's at Gagosian?  And why would a museum/institution waste their money buy any of this? Anyway.. just needed to vent.. and luckily the show closes soon.. So we won't have to read too much more about it!!


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you like like changing your words alot, dont you..

I go back and forth with wether or not I like Mike Kelly's work. I will say that I was pretty bored by his segment on Art 21 and I didn't find him to be all that eloquent about his work - but that doesn't bother me so much as long as the work speaks for itself - but from the clips, I wasn't too keen on the recent stuff. Didn't see the Gagosian exhibition but I'll agree that I've been hearing about it e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

well then like why didn't you correct me??? I said I was only guessing.

and like why didn't you introduce yourself Mike?


Hey Ed, Sorry for not introducing myself.. Didn't think you actually read this blog!

As for correcting you.. as a long time collector of Burtynsky work.. it's never a bad thing to have a respected authority tell the general public super high prices for the work.
Plus I hate bringing attention to myself.. and no one likes a know-it-all!

Of course I read MAO...you're quickly becoming one of my faves.

I'm sorry, where was Rimanelli's review? I saw a gossip-streaked report through your link, but no critical consideration of the work.

Tyler..Thanks for commenting.. But, I didn't say they were all thoughtful reviews!!

Mr. Rimanelli did manage to include art critical statements like : ""It really scared me," a smart person remarks. "... plus he also managed to squeeze in among all the name dropping.... "..the exhibition: It is staggeringly complex and deserves at least one more and probably several further visits."

See... What more did you expect from ArtForum??

this guys is the best mind in america, you are a moron. it's over your head

Do you know how I can get in touch with Mike Kelley? Email address or postal address?
Thank you.

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