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December 09, 2005

New STREETWISE viewing with Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell

Just too many NYC Art events last night.. how to choose??

So I dragged Dr.Quiz (my other cuter better half) to Aperture to see a premier viewing of Mary Ellen Mark & her filmmaker husband Martin Bell's 2004 update of their original great Streetwise documentary. Mary_ellen_mark_streetwise_1

So they 1st showed the original 1980's movie - which reminded me how amazing it was! But when they started to play the new movie titled, ERIN - after the character Tiny (in photo), now that she's aged grown up!  But, there were major fuckups technical problems! The 100+ person crowd only got to see ~2 minutes of it, DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Well.. Mary Ellen and Martin took lots of questions, and talked about the movie.. they're both super nice! but no ERIN showing! Grrrrr!

So.. I hope Aperture will reschedule another viewing !

There's still hope.. Martin, mentioned their plan to try to make a buck release the 2 movies together on a DVD someday.


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Hey, thanks for the link as well! I found your blog through the MAN links and I enjoy your humor - a great asset to an art enthusiast/blogger! Like I posted...I only can take so much dry art talk.

oh...and I am just as excited about the new season of Project Runway!!

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