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December 27, 2005

Wine and Art... A Match Not Made in Albany

Happy Holidays !!

     Sometimes I'm just amazed at the proliferation of New Art Galleries the last few years around New York. It would seem every time I walk down a block in west Chelsea.. there's a new big building going up to be filled with art galleries.

   Now, Don't get me wrong.. Clearly, the more art galleries there are, the better! Also, the more places to see and show artists work.. the better it is for everyone.. artists, collectors, museums, and the general community at large.  Well.. apparently The Republicans someone in Albany doesn't agree!

This weekend I was surprised to see in my favorite East End Paper: You Can Buy Some Wine, But You Can’t Buy Art!

     In short, for those of us lucky enough to get to enjoy the beauty of Long Island's east end, the sale (and display) of local artists work just got limited.  One of Dr. Quiz and my favorite things to do out east when the weather's bad, is going free drinking wine tasting at the 30+ improving Long Island wineries.   

    Well apparently, the wisdom of the NY State Liquor authority has determined the sale of Art at a winery is illegal. Other than their wine, they are only allowed to sell souvenirs, of either their winery or the state of New York.  Joshua Toas the new SLA Chief executive and a Pataki appointee, has begun to enforce these laws.

Kruger_winebottle_2 Fischl_winebottle_1     Over the years, many of the the Long Island wineries, have been showing (and selling) the work of Local East End Artists.  It's been a great outlet for many local artists to have their work seen by the 500,000+ visitors to the wineries each year.  Interestingly some LI wineries have even commissioned well known artists to design labels for their wine.  This year, both Barbara Kruger and Eric Fischl have created labels for Bedell Cellars Winery.

After all, what goes better with Art, than drinking wine??  Clearly many of the people buying art blindly insatiably at ABMB this year were drinking heavily!! 

     Now obviously, you don't go to Bedell Cellars Winery expecting to see the next Loretta Lux, Thomas Ruff, Richard Tuttle, or even god forbid a Mike Kelley installation. But the local East End Art work is generally interesting to see, financially supports local artists, and it sure beats the tired "I Heart NY" bumper stickers we'll be seeing for sale at every winery this spring!!


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Kruger and Fischl are certainly vintage.
must say, gallery openings turned me off white wine for life.

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