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January 31, 2006

2nd MAO Art Quiz.. OutSide Art!

2nd MAO Art Quiz... First Person with the correct answer wins a prize!

I'm sure by now everyone in NYC has seen at least one ad or story about the Outsider Art Fair.  Well.. while not a big fan of Outsider Art.. The Editorial Staff at MAO is a huge advocate for Outside Art... Particularly the Free, Open to the Public, type.

So this was the inspiration for the second MAO Art Quiz. Since NY City museums all seem to feel they need to overcharge to get in.. $15 freakin bucks to get into the Neue Galerie??  Who are they kidding?  We figured let's pick an artwork that everyone can afford to see.. So you won't see this "Work of Art" in any Museum..

But, I believe at 35 Feet tall, this 2005 bronze is possibly the tallest free standing, modern art, human statue currently in Manhattan.  And ain't she just a beauty??  WOW! One art critic called her hideous, an eyesore, and suggested the people responsible should be fired! Anything that can provoke a reaction like that.. is clearly art !

Mao_quiz2_bSo I took most of these really bad photo's, so please excuse my terrible photography.. Still learning how to use my digital camera.. Plus.. I'm a collector.. Not an Artist!! Actually I personally think it may look a bit better slightly blurred! It gives her that whimsical quality!

So the first MAO reader to name the Artist who  created this work, and gives the correct name, wins an annual Membership to a Museum of their choosing. If you'd like to email your answer.. that's OK too. [email protected]


I'm hoping this one is a bit easier than the last one..

So for all you Art Pro's out there who like a challenge.. Extra MAO  genius points  if  you can name the building and it's designer in which this statue is Mao_quiz2_estanding in front. And I think, a real Art Pro won't have to Google the building's name to know the designer!!

So Good Luck.. and thanks to everyone who participates!



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Damien Hirst, Virgin Mother. The critic who blasted it was Saltz, no?

Oh yeah, and for the bonus points...

Lever House, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (Gordon Bunshaft) 1952

Faithfully yours,

Googling Monkey

Thanks Art Soldier..
You are very correct..

But much to my surprise I got 3 emails.. which I'll post the winner's tomorrow.. all 3 within 20 mins of my post with the correct answer.. Like don't these people have anything real to read?? WOW!

But, Congrats.. You were the only Googler.. who got the Designer Correct!

And Yes.. Jerry Saltz.. In his "The Emperor's New Paintings" review on The Elusive Truth Show @ Gagosian.. went out of his way to "rave" about this Beauty!

my second thought was damien hirst...
after my first thought of how horribly tacky figuration can be sometimes.

doh! and i thought this was a contest...

Dang, too late, I was going to say everything that everyone else said! *Bats eyes with the fake sincerity of a teacher's pet* :)

Anyway, this sculpture reminds me how much I hate contemporary figurative sculpture. Not that I hate all figurative sculpture. Just the drivel of the past two or three decades. No matter how horrific or grotesque the artist tries to make it (as --ooh scary dissection-- seems to the case here), the figure itself always comes of as a sacrinely sweet mannequin. I can always identify a figurative sculpture made after the 1970s.

Hey Jeff..
Well.. Not too much of a contest.. It seems like almost everyone knew the answers..

The next one will be a bit harder!

When I look at the statue, I feel like I'm at the Dugout on Sunday.

Wait, isn't that just a large reproduction of the "Visible Woman" from health class?

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