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January 31, 2006

Friday Night.. Chelsea Art Opening Crawl...

Busy Work Week.. Had to say bye bye to Alan Greenspan today, we miss you already!

But I had some time to hang with JG, one of my only friends who actually goes to art openings for something other than the free beer!  It had been a hard week, so we decided to drink crawl our way through some parties galleries this Friday night in Chelsea.

1st Stop.. A visit with the fun people (Michael, Meg, and Teka) at Sikkema Jenkins & Co..

Their new, Jeff Gauntt, and David Humphrey Exhibition had a big crowd as expected.. the show has some fun new works. Another wise art blogger..summed it up already, and he posted one of the David Humphrey works.. here are 2 others by Jeff.

Jeff_gauntt_bird And, no.. you can't just buy the bird... I already asked.. and was told. most emphatically NO!

Jeff_gauntt_house_1 Also The ever insightful, Ed Winkleman had a nice feature on David Humphrey as his artist of the week back on Jan 9th.  Ed also posted several photo's of David's early paintings and sculptures.

Burtbarr_video Sikkema Jenkins & Co, also have up 2 recent video's by Burt Barr.

I took one photo of "The Heater video"

(pictured here),

and there's a really cool Flock of Migrating Birds.. projected on 2 angled walls

in the back-back gallery.

2nd Stop.. We went to the new location and grand opening of

The Casey Kaplan Gallery on West 21st street.

It is a really expensive large amazing space to see Wohnsiefer_moonlamptheir new show by Johnnes Wohnseifer: "New Alphabet".

There were several totally dull boring "interesting" graphic works presented, but the beers were cold...so we hung out and took a second drink look at the art.

But by far my favorite was the Untitled (13 Moon Lamp) hanging in the rear gallery.

It's made of Wire,

13 airbags,

13 energy saving lamps.  It's a unique piece.

3rd Stop.. We staggered walked up to 26th street, to the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery.

A solo video exhibition by Mika Rottenberg... DOUGH.

I had remembered her colorful work from this summer's PS1 Greater NY show.

Dough But this time.. it was a new very haunting video..amazing!

I couldn't snap a picture cause I was too drunk to focus the crowd was too deep..

But let's just say.. it's quite the Human Rube Goldberg. Very original. Even JG managed to smile!

I picked this image off their gallery website.. cause mine were all blurry I just had to include at least one photo.

It's a WOW!!!

I highly recommend not missing this show..

I think I'm still having nightmares dreams about this one!

OK.. So be sure to check back here tomorrow.. Cause it's the first of the month.. which means time for the next MAO Art Quiz!! And this one, I think will be easy!!


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Argh. Way too late on the quiz. (Just logging in at 6:46 p.m. Oh well, there's always March!) That sculture really is awful. . .

I went to the John Szarkowski opening at MoMA last night. It was a veritable who's who in the photo world! Of course, the big question on everyone's mind: Would this show be at MoMA if Szarkowski's name were not attached to the images? Probably not.

Just wanted to shout out my shared enthusiasm for Mika Rottenberg! I have not seen the Chelsea show, but the work at PS1 and MoMA last year was amazing. . .

um... received nicole's mika announcement card in the post yesterday,
and it looks gross, hugely gross.
the new janet jackson video ??

Yes.. DOUGH, It's a bit gross, but it just has this visceral quality.. It's all very physical and it borders on funny/disgusting/warm and homey all at the same time. hard to explain. You've got to see it!
The joke of the night, my freind JG and I kept running into the big model.. on the street,in the elevator, at the bar, on the stairs, in the BBQ.. It was Surreal!

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