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January 23, 2006

MAO Art Acquisition - Kota Ezawa

So I told myself when on en-route to Art Basel Miami.. No Impulse Buying!! In fact, I could still hear the prophetic words of Michael Jenkins of Sikkema Jenkins & Co, when she told Dr. Quiz.. "...you're letting him go to Miami without you??  Well... Make sure your husband leaves her credit card at HOME!!!"

        So, as a long time photography collector I've been going to the auctions, fairs, and gallery shows for years.. and just as the super insightful Eric Schneider wrote this weekend.. there's a certain security in buying well known photographs by established artists when you have relevant price history.  As a Wall Street Hustler Professional I tend to be pretty conservative with my art collecting/investing.  So I've been hesitant to add much non established photography to the Img_0701_1aMAO collection.  Well.. there must have been something in the powder Rocco gave me air of South Beach.. Needless to say.. I didn't take my own advice!

Not only did I catch buy something in Miami.. But, I took the quantum leap!!  My first ever non-photographic artwork by a young artist arrived last week, from the abnormally (for an art dealer) friendly people  at Haines Gallery in SF.

Well.. Luckily... I actually liked it!! Even Dr. Quiz approved, a truly rare event in MAO art collecting history!

So.. it's not a photograph.. well. It's actually derived from a photograph.. it's a slide on a light-box. (see photo #1)

John and Yoko, by Kota Ezawa after Annie Liebowitz from his History of Photography Remix Show. For those clueless photographically image impaired readers.. This photo was made famous as a RollingStone Magazine Cover.. An image I've always coveted! 


I hope to post more on Kota Ezawa next week.. Planning a Sunday road trip to Hartford CT...  going to see his current show at the  Wadsworth Atheneum Museum.

What in the world is an Atheneum anyway??? 

So.. road trip, anyone?   We've got room for 2 more, and Dr. Quiz will promise to keep his endless questions to just a few hundred a minimum!


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Looks very cool! I think I can see his iPod cord.

Erik Schneider's blog is certainly one of the best.

Is Quality Pictures still around or was it hit by the economy? I visited the site recently and it said it was done. I've found the gallery on Artmo (http://www.artmo.com/gallery/quality+pictures/) and finally found the gallery.

Does anyone know what's going on?


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