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January 03, 2006

The 1st MAO Art Contest

Quiz1_pic1Happy 2006 Everyone! So now that my tequila hangover has finally past.. thank you Jeff for hosting a great New Years Eve party!!  As promised..The MAO Art Quiz.

Which Photographers created each of these images, provide their titles, and what do the 2 photos have most specifically in common ?

Quiz Photo #1

Quiz1_pic2Quiz Photo #2

This may be too easy or way too hard.. But it's our first quiz...and I'm not sure if anyone "in the know" is reading this..

Since as a New Yorker... I'm almost embarrassed to see only one NY Art Museum on this 2004 top 10 list of Museums in Annual Memberships........

The 1st person to answer the MAO Quiz correctly will WIN a 1 Year Basic Membership to an Art Museum of their Choice..Good Luck!

Oh.. Only 1 guess per person.. and My Better Half... Dr. Quiz, as always will serve as judge and jury if there's any question as to the lucky winner.  If you'd like to guess in private..please send your answer to [email protected]

FYI.. East Coast readers.... you have a 3 hour head-start for the quiz on all those 124,166 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Members... Like do that many people even live in San Francisco??


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Nice Blog! Cool Contest.

I'm pretty sure I know the second image..
but I have no idea who did that first B&W photo!

Are there any prizes for being half right?

GOD DAMN!! I have no idea!!

How about some hints????

Wow.. I thought this was going to be an easy one..

1st off.. Dr. Quiz Says No prize for Half right... That's like being half pregnant!

OK.. The Artist for the B&W photo was on a few 2005 top 10 art show lists.

This was hard!

we're dumber than you think, obviously... ;-)

Thanks for reading & commenting Edward..
I thought anyone into Art Photography would know these quickly...I guess I was wrong.

Another Hint.. the Second color photo.. Was on the 3rd floor of MOMA when it re-openned, I think it may still be on display.. it's come up for auction in NYC atleast twice in the last 3 years...always selling above it's est.

Kara Walker 1st -- Maybe?
Philip Lorca DiCorica #2

Hey Oli...
Nice try. You only got #2 Right, but Good Guess on #1. I love Kara Walker, but this is an old B&W Photograph... something you might have seen downstairs at Bruce's gallery.
But thanks for helping out...the contest ended up tougher than I had expected.

Ahem. I would like to post my "guess." The second image is indeed by Philip-Lorca DiCorcia. I believe it is titled "Mario" from 1978. The first photograph, however, is a much older image by Andre Kertesz. It is titled "The Dancing Faun," and was shot in 1919. (Okay, I admit, I had to turn to google for the date.) What do these pictures have in common? Most obviously, I guess, they are both pictures of men in profile. Is that enough to win the contest? I suppose I had an unfair advantage here, as I got the benefit of Mr. Mao's two big hints - - namely his mention of Silverstein (who reps Kertesz) and of the Top Ten lists (since Kertesz had that great retrospective at ICP in 2005). Anyway, does the West Side Club count as a museum? That's the only place I need a membership. Ew, just kidding... I pick ICP, since the membership someone bought for me last year is about to expire!

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