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January 30, 2006

Photo LA

So what do Helen Hunt, Brendan Fraser, and Heath Ledger all have in common?  All Big-Time Closeted Homo's Hot Hollywood Actors..? Hmmm... Maybe.. But... they were also, all seen at the highly successful 15th Annual Photo LA organized by Stephen Cohen last week!

It sounds like the Santa Monica fair was a big success. See this Photo District News Story by Jori Finkel.

70 Exhibitors, and 7,000 Attendees...

Some Major trends to consider...

Ruudvanempel - H2 Hummer Sized New Color Photo's are IN... Old Small 19th-Century Black & White are OUT

- Ruud Van Empel (photo inserted) is IN.... Loretta Lux OUT

- Brian Clamp IN.... Larry Miller OUT

- Nancy Burson's Composite Photos IN... Helen Levitt vintage work OUT

-Big Splashy Art Fairs IN !

- New photo artists hocking their portfolios to the very Busy Gallery Owners... Always WAY  OUT!!!

Hmmm... on second thought.. some of this sounds a bit scary to me.. maybe it's time to take another look at buying those vintage Helen Levitt B&W's?  Though this Ruud Van Empel photo looks pretty cool !


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Black and white! No, Color! No, Big! No, Small! No, New! No, Vintage! No, Buy! No, Sell!!

The whole "in" and "out" and "style" and "investment" quality of the art world really tramples over the artists. No wonder so many NYC galleries have been tripping themselves over "outsider art" art lately. The outsiders are so grateful to be noticed that they don't miss it when the attention wanes, and they don't come around with another portfolio of work that is, "so, last year."

hmm.. interesting photo

I love Ruud Van Empel. Please buy me one of his beautiful photos, because you are rich and have too much art already. And I'm just beginning...

Hey Juan..aka Boozhy!!

I never thought you read my Art Babble! Thanks for commenting!

Yes.. Ruud Van Empel.. is Hot Hot Hot! Great work!

But, Boozhy.. You'd have plenty of cash to buy all the photography you desire.. if you'd just cut your damn bar tab in half for a few months!
But then again.. we'd all miss our happy beloved town drunk!! ;-)

any idea how much van Empel's WORLD series go for?

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