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January 09, 2006

Contest Winner : Brian Clamp with Andre Kertesz and Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Ok... We have a winner!! Thank you to everyone who took a guess for the contest on-line and through email.
It took a week.. lots of guesses, several hints, and a top NYC Professional Photography Dealer to get a winning answer!  So maybe this was way a bit too hard for our first monthly contest. The next one will be easier.. I promise. 

So, a big congrats to Brain Clamp, he is Almost too nice to be an Art Dealer a friend, Photography Dealer and owner of ClampArt in Chelsea who got it right.  Brian choose a 1 year membership to the WSC ICP - International Center of Photography...great choice!

The First Photo, which seemed to be too more difficult to identify, was by Andre Kertesz, "The Dancing Faun", 1919. Art_quiz1 It was in the National Gallery of Art show that toured the country (catalog) this year which was on display at ICP this fall. It also has gone by another title, "My Brother as a Scherzo", and was on the back cover of the most complete survey book on Kertesz work. Andre Kertesz: His Life and Work by Pierre Borham.  This was one of Kertesz early photographic series from his Hungary period. It's in these early years where he first developed his lighting skills and his mastery of the staged photographic image.

The Second Photo.. which several people guessed got right. Philip-Lorca diCorcia's Mario 1978 Art_quiz1a was published as the first image in his 1978 book by MOMA, with an essay by Peter Galassi.  I think, it's currently on display at MOMA's Photography Galleries.  In the book, Peter talks about how Philip-Lorca diCorcia in his early years developed his detail staged photographic process by using his family, including his brother Mario as subjects.  He first used several Polaroid shots to test, stage, set lighting, and then takes the final images with a tripod for a perfect staged photograph.

So both images are of the artist brothers, both are staged photographs, and are early examples of great photographic artist work as they went on to later refine there lighting and artistic style.  And of course.. they are both images I hope to have someday in the MAO Art collection, all donations accepted.

So, thanks to all.. and good luck on our next monthly MAO Art Contest... Probably Wednesday February 1st.


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I could have sworn the first one was a still from the Men Without Hats video "Safety Dance"!

yeah, that was a tough quiz. i passed it on to my friend at Yosi Milo, who in turn passed it on to Yosi -- he was stumped!

Whirled_one.. wow, you actually asked Yossi and his amazing gallery manager..Alissa? They are one of the best Chelsea Photography Dealers !
- First off.. I'm shocked they didn't know the answers..
- Second off.. Asking a Pro... That's CHEATING!!! LOL!

Ok.. next contest will be easier.. and thanks for reading/posting!

perhaps i should have been more discreet in exposing Yossi didn't know the answer.
i don't think he'd appreciate that -- ooops! as for asking the pro's...well...(blush!)...i should say i did know the first part of the answer on my own. i used to work at Pace, which is how I know Alissa and the work of "PL." cheating? nah! i'd be more inclined to call it being "resouceful."

i wanna participate in this

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