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January 18, 2006

It's The Contemporaries... Darling? I almost had to Puke!!

     OK.. So was I the only NYC Museum member to cringe when reading this weekend's NYT story, "Darling, You Look Marvelous in Matisse" by Dana Vachon about the Young Museum Collectors Groups?  Why does the NYC print this crap?

     If the title was not irritating enough, in her article,  Ms. Vachon managed to push every single hate hot button I have when it comes to the show off, elitist, name dropping, look-at-me, want-a-be-self-important NYC art society.  In fact just the ridiculous term "Junior Gala" almost makes me VOMIT.. it sounds like something out of the New Junior Miss Beauty Pageant Circuit.

Nyt_pagent1      Was it really necessary to include the cute little fluffy story about Mr. Hammerstein and his barely legal date? Who cares that this no-body can't satisfy keep a girlfriend, so has four X's at the party?  So, all this story managed to do is reinforce the idea that these museum events are a great place for hungry sex-in-the-city little black dress sporting husband hunters need to attend.

     So, what am I trying to say..??   Ok,  SO  NO !  The staff at MAO was not invited to any of these events in 2005!!  But, like we would want to be caught dead at some fancy schmancy, get all dressed up, party anyway??   And besides... our Black Tie and Tails were still at the consignment shop  cleaners from the last important gala we attended. 

      But seriously, is this really the best idea a museum as amazing as the Met, can come up with to improve young people's interest in the institution.  But the more shocking question remains, why in the world does the New York Times have to waste devote an entire page of the coveted Weekend Art Section to it?  I sincerely hope not!

      Well.. if you still feel the need to belong to the Pomegranate Martini sipping muffy and buffy UES circuit.. and daddy doesn't have a few extra million bucks to donate.. check out these cool events.. sponsored by an independent art interest group.. www.thecontemporaries.org

Thursday January 19th  7pm - ART after Dark @ Dream Lounge with noted art advisory Mary Hoeveler. The Contemporaries is taking over Dream Lounge for a swinging cocktail mixer and conversation with Ms. Marry Hoeveler. Marry is the head of Citigroup’s Art Advisory practice. http://www.mollyguard.com/event/23259570

Monday January 23rd 7pm - Curatorial Tour: Frequency at the Studio Museum in Harlem. The Contemporaries is invited to join the Studio Museum's Contemporary Friends and other young collector groups for a tour of Frequency led by Studio Museum Associate Curator Christine Y. Kim. Please RSVP at [email protected]http://www.studiomuseum.org/exhibitions_new.html for more info.

Thursday January 26th 7pm - ART after Dark @ Home of Gracie Mansion, esteemed dealer, collector, and force behind the 80's Neo-Expressionism movement. Ms. Mansion invites members of The Contemporaries into her home for cocktails, a discussion with her artists, and a viewing of her personal collection.  Space is very limited. [email protected].

        See you there..!!  But bring your own Pomegranate Martini !!  I'll be the one in the old downtown flannel lesbian chic and blue jeans outfit !


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Not a museum member, but I definitely cringed. You took the words right out of my mouth (photoshopped images and all):


My favorite part was the repeated mention of the "ironic" bucking mechanical bulls. Spanish bullfighting ring indeed. The article verged on self-parody.

Bravo Art Soldier!! LOL!! Wow.. I hadn't see your post yet! Love those images!! You're clearly much better at photoshop then I!

Hey, I just wanted to let you know about an art openings listing for New York City. It's very complete and accurate. Check it out: http://artcards.cc

A Presidencia do Governo da Regiao Autonoma dos Acores / Assessoria para a Ciencia e Tecnologia e a Universidade dos Acores estao conscientes da necessidade crescente de proteger os Oceanos.

Life is designed by some sort of intelligence, God created life

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