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February 02, 2006

2nd Art Quiz Winner.. in under 10mins!

Mao_quiz2_b_1She's Both Easy and Ugly!! - Sounds like me on a Sat night!

Virgin Mother 2005, by Damien Hirst
Lever House 1952, Designed by Gordon Bunshaft

Well.. I knew it was going to be a bit easier.. but getting the correct answer in under 10 mins of posting was a surprise. Actually there were 4 MAO readers with the correct answers all within 30mins.

Looks like 35 feet of pure ugly.. seems to be hard for anyone to forget!

So a big congrats go out to MAO Daily reader.. Tim of Bartlett,TN.. he chose a membership to The Dixon Gallery & Gardens in Memphis, TN.

Honorable mention goes out to the ever brilliant blogger Art Soldier, who was first to Google with Gordon Bunshaft.

I think Jerry Salts said it best in "The Emperor's New Paintings" on ArtNet.. review of Damien Hirst's Spring'05 show "The Elusive Truth" at Gagosian Gallery NYC. Here's just a section of Jerry's venom!

Worse than the paintings because it's permanent -- not to mention marring the entrance to the beautiful Lever House on Park Avenue -- is Hirst's hideous Virgin Mother, a 35-foot bronze eyesore of a naked pregnant woman with a cutaway view of her womb. Here, Hirst is doing what he's always done: trying to imitate Jeff Koons. He put things in vitrines after Koons did and started painting realistically after Koons. In attempting to equal Koons's stunning Puppy, Hirst has created something even more revolting than Jim Dine's figures on Sixth Avenue. Virgin Mother should be removed straightaway and those responsible for placing it here should be fired or whatever is done with reckless, imbecilic billionaires.

Thanks to all for playing..and stay turned for the 3rd MAO Quiz.. March 1st at 9am EST!


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Rats..!! I didn't win.

Hey goodlookin.. Rocco wishs he was as ugly as you on a Sat Night!

i dunno... i kinda like the hirst sculpture! i'm going to have to read your blog more often now that you're giving shit away! :)

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