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February 08, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk - Part I

Picture_009Alexander and Bonin Gallery

Anyone Loose a pump?? Will you might ask Artist Willie Cole.. Cause he's collected just a few!

His new Show.. Willie Cole : Sole to Soul

On view till February 18th.  I just loved this show.. very fun. (Photo #1, of "The Difference Between Black and White, 2005-06, Made of Shoes, wood, metal, screws,and staples, 85" in Diameter) It's meant to look like a Lotus Blossom, and the work has some "loose" Buddhism references. But I find them a more interesting commentary on our consumer throw-away society. His work will be the subject of a 40 work retrospective show, named "Anxious Objects: Willie Cole's Favorite Brands", organized by Payless Shoes The Montclair Art Museum, which will tour the county starting in March'06, with an illustrated catalog.

Next stop.. Alec Soth at Gagosian...  His new show "Alec Soth : NIAGARA"

I like the work.. makes me think of what a 2006 Walker Evans might look like.. except it's big, and in color!  But I didn't like this show as much as his first major project "Sleeping by the Mississippi." 

FYI.. don't even try to ask for help at Gagosian..I did.. got the hand nothing, you won't get anything but attitude here....but, that's as expected.
So, if you know anyone interested in these works..My suggestion, call Weinstein Gallery in Minn MN. They are super nice, and actually very helpful!

Also, there will be a 144 page, 50 color photo monograph book published by Steidl of this NIAGARA series. Pre-Sale signed copies at Dashwood Books.
      Photo prices run from $5,000 for the 24x30" Edition of 10, with 3 A.P., and $12,000 for the larger 40x50" Edition of 7, with 3 A.P. A bit high for a relatively new photographer.. But you've got to factor in the Gagosian Premium!

Some of these photo's are pretty magical (Photo #2). But looking at all this running water.. made me want to pee!

Stop # 3..  Across from Gagosian... and above an auto-repair shop to DCKT Contemporary.  Someone send these guys some fresh air.. Those gas fumes were killing me!! and I think it's affecting them too.. cause that girls boy's blog is just so crazy!!!

Exene Cervenka : America the Beautiful

This show had previously been at the Project Room of the Santa Monica Museum of Art. (Photo # 3, Mixed Media Collage, 14.75" x 11.75")

In the press release.. it says.. This girl is one of the founding members of the "seminal" LA Punk Group X..   OK.. like who?  But she has her own website. So she's probably way too cool for an art/finance geek like me!

I guess she was an ICON of the 70's LA punk scene. OK.. Well, That was a bit before my time.. but these Collage's were all pretty interesting.  Some were very funny and punk nostalgic, if you like that sort of thing.

OK.. So stay tuned for more of the MAO Chelsea Gallery Roam tomorrow..

Anyone going to the Sothebys Metropolitan Museum/Gilman Collection - Photography Preview Sale tonight?

Or the AIPAD Collectors preview or Benefit tomorrow? This is the big International Photography Dealers FAIR, which is going to be at the 7th Regiment Armory (Park & 67th) Feb 10th-Feb 12th??


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Glad you stopped in but am miffed as to why you didn't poke your head into our office and introduce yourself!

Yeah, it sometimes sucks being above a taxi garage but we love the space & that we have an entire extra floor upstairs. Very hit or miss in terms of fumes though. I can't tell you how often we have to go downstairs to make sure they have their exhaust fans on.

Hey Dennis..
Sorry, I was going to say hi... but you were holding court with a group of your fans on Sat afternoon.

Plus I like to keep some anonymity!

And, Hey, I'm going to send you one of those paper pinetree car air freshener's.. so you can hang it on your gallery mirror!

Um, you mean anonymous like this?: http://modernartobsession.blogs.com/modern_art_obsession/2005/12/art_basel_maimi.html

It's like an "Oliver-Lite" posting (only two pictures and nothing that couldn't be shown on network television).

Keep up the anonymity,

Wow.. KEN.. Thanks for that link..
This MAO guy is super sexy!!

"Oliver-Lite" Nothing.. he's way Hotter!
And actually a better writter as well!

Hey.. Thanks Guys..

I knew I should have taken down those pictures.

But Ken?? Calling me "Oliver-Lite" now that's hitting a blogger below the belt. LOL!
See you soon!

Do you prefer "Oliver-Heavy"?

Hmmmm. Ken you have a point...
But, maybe something like
"Big Oliver"?
"Premium Oli"?
or maybe
"Extra-Virgin Oli"?
or what do you think about the
"New and Improved Oliver" ?

I like "Extra-Virgin Oli" - - even if it is an oxymoron. Ha ha. Anyway, back to SOTH. I love the artist, but was a little disappointed with the show. I liked the work when I saw it online more than when I was standing in front of the big prints at Gagosian. Maybe a better book project than an exhibition? . . . Still, sure wish I had bought prints before Larry G. got hold of him. Same thing with Roger Ballen - - one of my all-time favorites.

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