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February 24, 2006

Ethics and Greed at the Biennial??

Question : So why was the Lion walking behind a herd of elephants eating the elephant dung??

Answer : Because it had just eaten a 2006 Whitney Biennial Co-Curator and wanted to get the bad taste out of it's mouth.

Edna Well.. I know this is just possibly rumor and speculation by one smart tipped off Anonymous Militant Art Bitch blogger.. But you've got to read Edna's Post today!

Even if they didn't profit intentionally.. it smells pretty bad and the co-curators should have known better!  As a frequent Whitney Museum donor..it's depressing (but not too surprising) to think the heralded Biennial has been corrupted for personal gain by one of it's curators.


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that's hardly scandalous or dirty, nothing new,
actually abit of a snore.
sturtevant is iconic and would probably get selection regardless of her dealer, and it's not like that many out of the gallery's stable were selected anyways.
the whitney biennial is forever marred with greasy palms and speculation... and seasonal bitching. someone's just got a dagger for Vergne and/or Chivaratanond.

A.J. -- Sturtevant may be iconic, but her work stopped being anything closely resembling an intellectually or artistically curious position about 30 years ago. How many works need to be copied before we are brought to our collective knees?

Just because the w.b. is routinely marred with greasy palms doesn't mean we should look the other way when unethical behavior persists. I'm not arguing that some sort of action need be taken, or that Vergne/Chivaratanond necessarily be singled out, but I'm glad the sleeziness has been noted.

i guess what i'm saying is that the W.B. has always been dirty, and always will... it's the nature of a largescale group exhibition. as for sturtevant, personally i think the work entirely empty, but there'll always be a few darlings with extended shelf-life.
i totally agree with you A.S., i just never give the whitney-B much credit in the first place.

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