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February 22, 2006

P.S.1 - MAO Collection - Wolfgang Tillmans


So, I've been meaning to post some new additions to The MAO family collection for a while.  I'll start with these photographs by Wolfgang Tillmans.  He's one of my favorite living artists.

First off, everytime I read his name in any press it's always followed by "2000 Tate - Turner Prize Winner". Well.. since the Turner Prize was awarded to "the person who, in the opinion of the jury, has made the greatest contribution to art in Britain in the previous twelve months".. I guess it's impressive for a German Photographer to win! Or is it more a reflection on there being so few decent new accomplished British artists?? Hmmm... not sure..

Anyway, Wolfie has been on the MAO hit list for a long time. Ever since picking up his 1998 book BURG, I've been a fan and collector.  There's just something about his still life's and human culture images that just connected with my contorted NYC aesthetic me.  I find his ability to  make the ordinary, special, most appealing. 

This first photo was a recent bargain auction purchase, and one I've wanted for a long time, but it had been sold out for years. 

(Photo #1, Window Caravaggio, 1997)

These next 2, are newer works.  The first one I got suckered into spotted at Art Basel Miami. It's amazing what a few too many martini's at lunch poolside can do for art sales.  Yes.. I know Dr. Quiz.. I'll leave Rocco the credit card at home this year!  (Photo #2 Faltenwuf, "Twisted", 2000)


So for all you Wolfgang Tillmans fans out there.. You're in luck.. He's got his first major American museum show opening up at P.S. 1 on February 26th and running to May 29th. The show's titled "Wolfgang Tillmans : Freedom from the Known"

It sounds like the show is going to include 25 new large-scale abstract works, plus some older figurative works, from the series Empire taken from 1991 to 2002.

Special Event not to be missed : On March 2nd at 6pm Wolfgang Tillmans will lead a gallery walk/discussion through the show... It will be interesting to hear what the artist has to say about these purely abstract photographs.. because I for one, have never fully understood them! But then again... I'm easily confused!

The third photo, added to the collection, was also a new work. It just had a certain raunchy fantasy appeal.. I'm not sure why... (Photo #3, Stripped, 2003)

But, lastly.. for those like me who love his early work, there will be a major retrospective of Wolfgang Tillmans coming up soon! The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago will present a full retrospective, opening on May 20 - August 13, 2006. Chicago summer road trip anyone??


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wolfie's a true sweetheart.

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