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February 23, 2006

The Art Show - ADAA

The Art Show at the 67th Street Armory. February 23-27th. Just A bit boring this year!

Well... Nothing too new here... The show was high on attitude, pretense, but actually very low on viewers.  I went at 5:30pm yesterday.. I could hear a pin drop.  Well, almost, if it weren't for the Vivaldi Musak, and lots of uber self important art dealers busy chattering on their cell phones (of course doing their very bitchy best to totally ignore me) there wouldn't have been a peep!!  I guess the UES Blue hairs were busy dinning at Daniel or some other overpriced place.  Interestingly, it didn't look to me that many of the works were sold yet.  But this story( Download TheArtShow06.txt) by Bloomberg News does suggests otherwise.

Theartshow_1 All I can say, to all the disgruntle, un-invited Art Blogger community, you didn't miss much!  This space always seems small, cold and cramped to me.  And even with 70 galleries presenting, there were few new interesting works.  Many of the galleries, were unfocused, and had the same exact works they had last year, which they also brought to Art Basel Miami, and at the Amory Pier Show last year. For example.. Luhring Augustine brought the same Gregory Crewdson dull work.. that I've seen and hated at every fair!  Also.. AN FYI.. The average price in most booths was about $100k, so as expected, this is not a fair for most humans on the planet.

Some of the only standouts (in my very biased order of preference) were the single artist booths....

1. Man Ray by Zabriskie Gallery

2. Francis Picabia at Michael Werner

3. Alex Katz at Pace Wildenstein

4. One Huge, James Rosenquist Painting at Richard L. Feigen & Co.

So my advice.. unless you're shopping for another Multi Million dollar Jasper Johns (like the one shown by Matthew Marks) for your living room.. save yourself the $20 admission fee, the time, and the attitude for March 10th - The Big Armory Show, or Pulse, or ~scopeNewYork ... they should be a bit more interesting.


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