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March 01, 2006

3rd MAO Art Quiz for Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, which starts the 40 day fasting and penitence season in preparation for Easter, known as Lent.. to all those pagan MAO readers out there.  As I might expect, some of "us" Dr. Quiz, SheepBoy, C-Squared, Jauntarded, Smurf, Dutch, Rocco, Mayor, Hobbit, SugaBoooger, etc may even have a lot to repent for this year!

But it's also the first of March, which means... art quiz day! So for those MAO Quizlings not too hungover from last nights Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras parties to think a bit.. here goes,

3rd MAO Art Quiz..

So in keeping with the dark Christian, penitence, punishment, Lent, Easter Crucifixion, outcast, condemned, evildoer, general theme to inspire this months Art Quiz.. and, after all.. where would the art world be without pain, punishment, and evil??   

We have these two works of Modern Art. 

- So first, the easy part, identify each artist who created the work, and then both of these 2 works are currently on display in a Museum/Gallery show..

-Secondly, to separate the novice modern art fan from the truly Modern Art Obsessed.. Name the current Museum/Gallery show.

Work # 1. Note.. this 1st work, is a a still from a video..Name the Video, and the Modern Artist


Work #2. Quiz3_aA Color Print

The first person to get all the exact correct answers, will win a 1 year general subscription to a Museum of their choosing. 

If you'd like to email your answer, that's OK too. [email protected]

Good luck.. and as always.. Dr. Quiz will serve as Judge and Jury if there's any question who's the rightful winner.


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MAO.. Love the Blog..
But this month's Art Quiz is way to difficult!!
Give us a break!

Mike.. I have no idea about the Quiz.

All I can say... I'm jewish.. we don't repent!!

But that SheepBoy and C-Squared.. better start their penitence real soon..

Hey Rob..
Well.. I guess this Quiz is a bit more difficult.. so far only one person got only the first part correct. (Answer sent through email)

Wow...I'm stumped. I know the second half of Part I - and could therefore figure out the related answer to Part II - but I'm shooting blanks on the first artist. A toughie...

#1 is by K.E. called "T. U. L. O. B." that you probably saw when you were visiting the W. A. M. A. But didn't that show close on the 5th of February or is it showing somewhere else now?

Also, are both #1 and #2 supposed to be from the same exhibition or two separate ones?

Wait, think I got it:

Exhibition: Down by Law, at the Whitney

#1, Kota Ezawa, "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"

#2, Andy Warhol, "Electric Chair"

Great Job Art Soldier.. Looks like we have a winner!!

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