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March 31, 2006

MAO does Art in the Bronx!

So I dragged my pal JG all the way up to the Bronx this weekend. Actually she practically lives there anyway.. plus he speaks Spanglish Spanish... Which I found out, it's almost a necessity if you're hungry when going above 98th street!! Yikes!!

Well..Yes..!! There is a Contemporary Art Museum in the Bronx believe it or not! I had never been there before, and I grew up in NYC!  So we took our passports, maps, and went up to The Grand Concourse.. which isn't so grand by the way..  to The Bronx Museum of The Arts to see AIM 26 curated by Lydia Yee and Assistant Erin Salazar.  It's largely a student art show, but pretty good!!  We were pleasantly surprised.

The Show features the work of 36 emerging artists from the 2005-2006 "Artist in the Marketplace program" (AIM), which annually provides artists in the NY metro area with professional development seminars and an exhibition venue (this show).

DavidantoniocruzThere's some really fun fresh work to see. Both JG and I enjoyed the show more than we had ever expected. The funny part.. we were in the museum for about an hour and a half on a Sunday afternoon.. and we were the only people in the museum the entire time! In fact when we walked into the museum, the guards rushed over to us, and quickly asked us "Can I help you?" I guess they assumed we just wanted to use the El bano!

This (photo #1) was my favorite painting from the show by David Antonio Cruz called "Puerto Rican Pietra on la Culla Fortaleza". His use of historical reference presented in a modern Puerto Rican American context was brilliant. This large scale painting is both arresting and beautiful.

Thebettertoseeyou Other standouts (photo #2) were two video works by Jessica Lagunas, "The Better to See You" which features the artist continuously putting on Mascara for 57 minutes, and "The Better to Kiss You", which features 58 minutes of her applying bright red lipstick! Both completely hilarious! 

Also Alison Ward's video of "Into the Woods" is a childhood fantasy you just have to see. No.. it's not the Musical! It's hard to explain.. but it's fun!

Lastly Both JG and I stood for a good 15-20 minutes watching and laughing with the 2 video's with sound by Artist Gautam Kansara. It's a great clash of 3 family generations and Indian American culture piece called, "Apart From US, 2005".

All in all.. it's a show well worth going all the fuck uptown to see. Just be sure to bring your passport, a map, an appetite for great rice and beans, and a Puerto Rican Spanish translator!

The show is on view till July 2nd.

Be sure to Come Back tomorrow.. for the April MAO Art QUIZ!!


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wow, the only time i've travelled for art north of the whitney is to wave hill (unless you count the Antheneum).

looking forward to your april fools qwiz.

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