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March 31, 2006

The April FOOLS MAO Quiz!!

The April MAO Monthly ART QUIZ!!! Ok.. MAO Quiz-lings.. Since the last few months of Quizzing have been answered correctly in under a few hours.. I think it's about time we try to separate the Men from the sheep truly Modern Art Obsessed!!

So here goes.. In honor of this past months record high Black & White photography auction prices.. Can you say.. $ 2.9 Million Dollars!!!  Which has hence forth sealed the fate of art photography into the upper ranks of the most overpriced costly art in the world!

I figure it's a good time to broaden our knowledge base of vintage Black and White photography!

So.. Below are 2 black and white photo's.. both from the same artist and first published in the same book. So.. First please name the Photographer, and then name the monumental book which these 2 photographs first appeared.  Good Luck!

Photo #1


One note.. to avoid past MAO Sharp shooters from taking it all again and again.. past MAO Quiz winners are not eligible for winning another quiz for one full year! Sorry!

Also, If you'd like.. you can also send your guesses to email : [email protected]

As always.. Dr. Quiz will serve as both judge and jury if there's any question as to the rightful winner.

The winner gets to choose their prize from either... A 1 year basic membership to the art museum of their choosing.. or I think I can get a hand signed copy of this photographers last published retrospective catalog.

Photo #2



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Well, I know the images and photog but I'm not sure if the book is monumental or not. I hope I'm not showing off my ignorance in my professional field!! Not that it would be the first time!

Boy in Burnt Out Furniture Store, 1969

Girl with Dunce Cap, 1972

Arthur Tress
The Dream Collector, 1972. I know it was his first book but is it monumental?? I don't know!

xo d

Hey Dan..
And it looks like we have a winner!! In under 5 hours!

And you're 100% right, I'm sure monumental is probably over stating the book's importance... but it was Arthur's break through publication! And it's interesting to see how many modern artists have copied the work & style.

I suppose it is monumental. Brian told me so.

When are you going to link me????

Glad to be considered a "winner"!!

I can't play this month. Too many painful memories of school...

Well... I had no idea the answer (now I do because Dan told us), but I'm pleased to note you almost kept your rampant strikethroughs in check this post!

Once Juan starts reading you, you know your time has come to call it quits sweetie....I love you Mikie but you know I'm right!

Kisses to all!

Thanks Rocco.. Maybe that's true.. But I think Juan has been reading and commenting on your LameAss blog for over a year now!! LUV you too! XXOO!

that's not me leaving comments on rocco's blog! it's someone else using my name. and i know this to be true because a) i don't read rocco's blog and b) because i wouldn't say mean things about people on a comment section of a blog and c) i know it's true because i didn't write them.

p.s. mike, you aren't supposed to comment in your OWN comment section!

If you dont read my site how do u know there are comments from you on it?? Sounds shadey....but typical.

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