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March 06, 2006

The MAO Grand Slam - Wolfgang Tillmans at P.S.1

Thursday Night I went to see Wolfgang Tillmans give a gallery walk through of his new show Freedom From The Known, at P.S.1  (On view now - Till May 29th, also FYI, P.S.1 will stay open late till 9pm this Saturday March 11th for all the Armory Show visitors in town)

Picture_040    As you might expect, this night was already looking like a certain "deep hit to the outfield, stand-up double".. seeing a new show by one of my favorite hot artists at one of my favorite museums, and getting to hear the artist describe it in his own words. 

Now most people won't completely understand this.. but, for the Modern Art Obsessed, nights with Dr Quiz don't get much better than this!
     Well... it did.  As it turns out.. they had just arrived fresh off the Steidl presses..For only $25, copies of Wolfgang's newest book!  Freedom From The Known. And we have an "In the Park Triple!!!" Can things get any better???

    Yes.. they can.. cause Wolfgang turned out to be an outstanding speaker (see photo's).  The show is great! Don't miss it!  He gave the group of (about 50 lucky) people a candid and insightful 90 minute talk.  Plus he took questions, plus stuck around afterwords to chat with all interested Tillmans Groupies, plus received a big endearing hug/kiss from PS1 Curatorial  Adviser Bob Nickas in front of the crowd, and even signed copies of his new book for his fans! (FYI...There's a singed copy now listed for sale online now for $125.00) And we have an "Out of the Park Home Run!! The crowd cheers!"
Picture_045_1   OK. Now, I'm sure by now most of you are green with "Modern Art" envy.. Sorry.. Not everyone was obsessed lucky enough to attend the lecture.  I'm sure many of you were probably busy drinking bad wine at one wise ArtBloggers Grand Opening party for Chelsea's newest hot Art Gallery last Thursday night. Which I regretfully missed. Sorry Ed.. I promise to stop by soon!

But then something truly miraculous happened Thursday night!  It must have been a high tide, or my new haircut or something.... cause the people from the uber rich/all important gallery representation for Wolfgang Tillmans, a notoriously un-MAO friendly dealer, who typically would effortlessly step right over a small time collector, in their tall cold black leather boots, if we were spewing blood on the sidewalk, actually acknowledged us when I said hello.  Can you say total shock and awe??

They even almost remembered my name. Wow.. I almost blushed!  What was more shocking, They stuck around for a few extra minutes, from their all self important schedule, to actually ask if we had liked the lecture, and if we'd been enjoying the dozen or so Tillmans photographs they had allowed us to purchase over the years.  Wow.. so how nice is that..?? A big time gallery actually being human and nice to a mere small time private collector.  See.. it must be the art BLOG I thought!  This just made the night a truly remarkable "MAO Bases Loaded, Out-of-the-Park, Grand Slam" Event! WoooHooo!

Now.. Lastly.. what's with the Sunday NY Times..??  Have the editors completely lost their minds??
So instead of running a review (or interview) of The Wolfgang Tillmans PS1 show, they run this foolish story titled "POSSESSED, The Sent of a Man" featuring Wolfgang Tillmans.. in the weekend STYLE section. Download TillmansScent_NYT060305.txt   

It's a totally pointless wasteful article about Tillmans and Mennen Speed Stick Deodorant. I'm not kidding, read it for yourself.  The writer David Colman should be shot makes the claim "Wolfgang is a traitor to his art" and goes on to say "he does precious little more than point..." What is he talking about??  Why is he writing this? Why did they print that? Just my opinion..But, David should probably stick to interviewing runway models or writing about dresses, hemlines and Project Runway.. and leave the interviews with Turner Prize winning Artists to the Arts writers. Yikes!!


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Who was complaining about the quality of our wine? I mean, really. ;-)

It's only gonna get tougher to choose between the various options this week, Mike...best to just do what you can and assume no apologies are necessary. Besides Tillmans looks very "wolf" indeed, so who could blame you?

Thanks for the plug though!


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