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March 15, 2006

Nan Goldin & 10 Possible Reasons for Posting this Photo???

So while we're speaking about all things Nan Goldin.. Last Friday night, I got to attend her latest show "Nan Goldin: Chasing a Ghost" opening at Matthew Marks Gallery.  As expected it was jammed with Goldin-ites! Today, even Page Six of the NY Post tried to dish NAN!! I didn't see her at the opening.. But I was told she did show up eventually Friday Night!

It features her first major multimedia/movie project. Sisters, Saints & Sibyls.. About a 20 minute projection on 3 screens simultaneously along with music and a narrative by Goldin. Largely focused on the tragic life of Nan's sister Barbara.. it's possibly one of her most powerful works to date.  As all Nan's work, it's deeply personal, and filled with intense emotions of family, love, mental health, sexuality, loss, and mortality. It's really beautiful.  Or in other words.. exactly what we'd come to expect from Nan Goldin.. think tragic and depressing, vivid reality. Would someone please pass another Prozac please!

While pushing making our way through the huge crowd.. I was fortunate to run into a few well known bloggers..while waiting around, I snapped some photos..

So you ask....??? Why on earth would I ever include a photo like this on a blog mostly about art collecting???  Hmm... there's a few possibilities.. please vote on which one you think is the most likely reason !! Thanks....
Picture_00510. This blog was getting way too dull, and I was even starting to bore myself

9. To prove to Dr. Quiz I wasn't out getting wasted again with JG or some other deviant, and I really did see large pink bunnies walking around Chelsea Friday night!

8. This daddy in the photo is just so much more sexy than anything that has ever been in a Nan Goldin Photo.

7. I'm kissing this bloggers ass, cause I'll do almost anything not to be barred from SNAXX like the way it happened to poor sheep-boy.

6. The pictures we took of our Lovable Town Drunk were not pretty enough to post on an Art Blog, plus he's not yet reciprocated with linking here yet!  Grrrr !

5. Cause after moving into their new fancy expensive digs in way the hell far West 27th street, some NADA Dealers will do just about anything to pay their rent or taxes get their pictures on any Web Blog, Newspaper, TV or Magazines.

4. I didn't have a photo of this Art Dealer/Blogger yet since he's never bothered to introduced himself to me.

3. To prove some crazy people think it's perfectly OK to bring their psycho Satan dogs and carry them around upside down during crowded art openings

2. It's the best picture of an art blogger/dealer I could take since most were either too busy : selling overpriced art to the crazy buying masses Armory weekend, or like this dealer, pissing off artinfo.com saying they propagate factual errors and unverified sales hype!

1. Because this attention loving whore dealer actually asked me when I was going to blog about him and his young devil pup Truman at the Nan Goldin opening night!

OK.. so there you have it, 10 choices.. Please cast your votes now!! Which do you think is the best reason I should have posted this picture on the blog today??


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Hehehe.. that's very funny... But dude.. you are so going to get kicked out of SNAXX this week!!

Wow.. now that's a hot sexy man! WOOF!
I choose #8. Plus Nan Goldin's work is filled with ugly druggies!

I don't even know him, and I'd clearly say all of the above.

#3, and where did that guy get the Groucho Marks Glasses?

Oh definitely #8. Oliver exudes woofy manhood... as does Truman!

#8 Specifically because there is nothing sexier than a man with two left hands. Especially when one is slightly larger than the other. How Hot!

"since he's never bothered to introduced himself to me"


Edward!! What?? :-)
You didn't even vote!!

Zzzzzzzzzz # 10 !

#5, of course ;-)


ok ok, pushy much :-) i linked you and now edward will introduce himself to you and you'll be the bully much belle of the ball. you win! p.s. i gave up alcohol for lent.

It's obviously #10.

Juan.. there's no way anyone believes you're staying sober tonight... that's like Easter with no Bunny,or Christmas without Santa?? St. Pat's without Boozhy?? Impossible!!
Were you going to vote?? ;-)

#s 1, 3, & 6.

Brill! I pick #11.....And i think i already saw Juan pre-gaming outside of the westside tavern.....Stilleto Fabulous I know.

and also, can this site be ANY more boring! kisses

I didn't write any of those fucking comments!!!!!!!!!! I don't even read blogs!...Well except this one....and right now.

"Hey, Sam, how about a loan?"
"Whattaya need?"
"Oh, about $500."
"Whattaya got for collateral?"
"Whattaya need?"
"How about an eye?"
-- Sam Giancana


Beautiful pictures by Nan Goldin presented at Hospital Pitié Salpétrière (Paris). Caroline-Christa Bernard

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