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April 20, 2006

ArtInfo's "Going Art Shopping with $5,000 story"

OK. venting a bit today..

So, I just finished reading the 3rd installment by Robert Ayers of ArtInfo.com's story "On Collecting: The $5,000 Question" and I think I want to puke! Well.. it just made me cringe.. while the writer clearly intends to help their readers.. It's just this type of Vapid Art Shopping Sport approach story which totally personifies everything wrong with the Chelsea art world today.. and the story just reeks of Art Gallery self interest!

Here's the 3 parts so far... Part IPart II, Part III Read them for yourself.. but don't blame me if they make you sick to your stomach!

Abfab_shoppingSome suggestions to Mr. Ayers... while keeping to a $5,000 budget is perfectly fine, the entire approach is terrible! Jumping head first into the shallow end of Modern Art Gallery pool (aka Shark Infested Waters!!) is absolutely the wrong place to suggest a new collector start!  Walking into galleries and ridiculously saying "I want to spend $5,000 on Art" is a ticket to getting ripped off!  It's also a totally hysterical episode of Absolutely Fabulous Lets go buy some Art Darling!

SisterwendyHow about first suggesting the newbie collector learn something about Art First!

- Like buy a Sister Wendy Survey Art History Book, read a few good art books & blogs, talk to some art collector Friends, then maybe

- Go to a museum and see what type of art and artists work the individual most appreciates.

- Then do some research on the artists they like, pick up the artists monograph, check auction catalogs for recent sales,go to an art fair to look and learn etc.

- And only lastly make an appointment to visit the gallery which represents the artist to see what work is available. Knowledge is power.. and will help the new collector get a good start, and appreciate what they've purchased!

Well.. that's just a few suggestions..end of venting for this week!

Also Paige over at Art Addict.com has had numerous wise postings on this topic.. Maybe Mr. Ayers of ArtInfo.com should read those first!


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This is really crazy. If he truly can afford to collect art, why focus ask about investments? He's already well off. Why not support some lesser known artists that he likes? A secret is that the Chelsea galleries do offer a lot of low priced gems, if one is willing to look.

I think you should take a cue from Sister Wendy and exchange the red cap for a habit. Chic AND trend-setting! I've already exchanged all my Lora Piana sweaters for nothing but black tunics.

I ussually start every binge with an episode of ab fab and then end every binge asking you for more LUV!


I love Sister Wendy... best advice you can give is to recommend her books/vids!!

um...but you treat art like stock trading too. why the outrage about the $5,000 question?

p.s. it's contemporary art you collect, not modern art.

Thanks Jerry for reading and the interesting comment...

I try not to treat art like stocks.. I've actually never sold a work out of my collection.. and probably never will.
How do you think I've treated art like a stock?

Right...!! My collection is mostly B&W Photography.
But, I use the term "MODERN" just in the same way a building named "MOMA" has inside mostly Contemporary Art & Photography. Also the "Modern" Works are way above most humans means..

and of course a blog named "CAO" would'n't be funny!!

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