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April 28, 2006

Artists Selling out to RETAIL, and MAO Does Fashionista!

A MAO confession....

Last night was possibly the most wretched ostentatious "Un-MAO" event of my life, actually I'm embarrassed to say I even went to "MADISON AVENUE WHERE FASHION MEETS ART" sponsored by the Whitney Museum.  It was simultaneous cocktail receptions at 33 of Madison Avenues most fowl Elitist Shopping Boutiques.. including Calvin Klein, Cartier, DKNY, Le Frankfurter, Dolce & Gabbana, Carbonara, Givenchy, Rigatoni, etc, who knows, like who cares about this fashion crap..all I know, it was several EuroFag/Italian sounding named places I've never could afford heard of ...

So basically, it was all the USE pretentious posh places you'd rather be dead wearing than seen in.. Avaf_lesportsac So..Anyway.. there I was..surrounded by the NYC "IN Crowd", and MAO in my geeky frumpy conservative bland dark blue Wall Street wear feeling 100% uncomfortable..ick!! As expected the shops were filled with bland snappy chatter, champagne sipping, little black dress wearing, air kissing fashionistas.  One idiot  brilliant fashionista even told us he loved my grey hair! Dope! And if I hear the words DAAAAARRLING or FABULOUS one more time I going to slit my wrist..

I subjected myself to this torture, for really just one reason, to satisfy my crazed Art Addiction, and to see the launch of Eli Sudbrack's (aka.. AVAF - assume vivid astro focus) new fashion project. 

An entire Artist collection for LeSportsac.

AVAF's psychedelic design (photo #1) consists of layers of inspiration ranging from pop-culture to medieval tapestries to graffiti art.

Each LeSportsac is an original artwork, using different parts of the design, where no two items will be identical. 

Anyway.. most of the items look pretty cool and are reasonably priced.

Avaf_tote So as expected the night was a total social disaster, I'm use to that!!  But I came away from seeing the cool artist installation at the Madison Avenue shop as such a huge sellout.  Very sad.

It was actually a bit depressed seeing an Emerging Modern Artist who's work I've loved and collected, go so quickly into retail! I'm not sure why, but it some how affects the way I think about the artist and his work. But in the long run, does this help or hurt an artists career? Any ideas or thoughts on this issue out there?

But, at least we now know what to get my fashionista partner, Dr. Quiz, for Christmas.. NOT!!

FYI.. Monday is May 1st!! Time for another MAO Art Quiz!!


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Mao - I think on some level you feel betrayed by this artist. You had a personal bond with their work, in a way, their work was your personal discovery. Now, you have to share their work with a large audience, it's no longer intimate but public. Discover a new artist, and you'll feel rejuvenated!

um, May Day is Monday, unles your dateline is elsewheres.
is the quiz on a Red theme ?

how about
carpets! by - amy gartell, verne dawson, barnaby furnas, laurie simmons, geroge condo, dana schutz, sean landers, hernan bas, richard phillips, peter rostovsky,
Lisa Yuskavage shower curtain! Prada Marfa!
yet we are desensitized enough not to flich at a mona lisa coffee cup or van gogh tote

LOL!! Hey AJ.. OOPS! My mistake.. thanks for pointing that out.. and Yes.. The Next Quiz is a "Red Theme.." something so that everyone can play! Very communist!

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