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April 04, 2006

MAO Quiz - Arthur Tress & The Dream Collector

So, yes... we have an April FOOL's QUIZ winner!
I guess this quiz was not as difficult as I had hoped.. But clearly it took a photo pro to get this one so fast!!  So, A big congratulations go out to Art Gallery Owner and newbie Art Blogger, Daniel Cooney of DFCA who submitted the correct answers in under 4 hours on a Saturday morning like doesn't he have something better to do?? ! Nice job Dan!

So the two photographs.. both by Arthur Tress were published in "The Dream Collector" 1972, Westover Publishing Company.  One of my all time favorite B&W photography books, it is an amazing collection of staged photographs built around the thoughts and unconscious dreams of young children.  While the idea of staged photography is common today, in the late 1960's Arthur Tress helped develop the art of the surreal narrative photographic style.  Whether intentional or not, it's easy to see how much of Tress's work was copied a strong influence on many over priced famous artists to come such as  :  Cindy Sherman, Joel-Peter Witkin, Tina Barney, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Pierre et Gilles, Sandy Skoglund, and Gregory Crewdson just to name a few.

Quiz_4_a_1 The First photo, "Girl with Dunce Cap", New York, 1972. Also, currently in the MAO art collection.  For The Dream Collector book, when describing this image, John Minaham wrote :

"Dreams about school seem to persist throughout childhood, and frequently into adulthood. The Majority are anxiety dreams. Students are relentlessly subjected to the frustrating American grade-conscious straitjacket where fear is the incentive, failure is shame, conformity is absolute, and boredom is rampant. Resulting in men and women who have stopped asking Why."

Quiz_4_b_1 The second Photo, "Boy in Burnt-out Furniture Store", Newark, 1969 is possibly one of Arthur's most well know images.

There is also a new show of Vintage photographs coming to NYC. Many of these images have never before. This Arthur Tress show is opening up at ClampArt in Chelsea this Thursday night.  I believe Arthur will be present.  The show runs through May 13th.

Here are a few of my favorite Arthur Tress photo's from the up coming ClampArt Gallery Show.

Tress_boy_with_painted_snow_scene Photo #3, "Boy with Painted Snow Scene", Coney Island Brooklyn, 1972

Tress_teenager_drinking_on_telephone_polPhoto #4, "Teenager Drinking on a Telephone Pole", Bronx, New York 1969.

Now, I'm not sure why, but there's just something about a sexy man floating down a river with a big pole between his legs that makes me smile every time I see the photo.. Tress_two_boys_on_passaic_river .

Photo #5 : "Two Boys on the Passaic River", New jersey, 1968


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I am a winner!! Now I can hold my head high at my high school reunion!

And, it's sad but true... I really have nothing better to do than read blogs on a Saturday morning at work!

Congrats, Dan! And, many thanks for the plug, MAO. Glad you are such a big fan of the work. I am, too! The show, by the way, officially opens tomorrow and looks STUNNING! Hope to see you all here.

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