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April 05, 2006

Whitney Contemporaries Social Event

Last night I attended a Whitney Contemporaries event. Typically I'd stay as far away from one of these tired Upper East Side social climber mixer type events as possible, but this time it was held at the amazing home of Richard Marshall & Bill Georgis.
Picture_005_1Richard was a Whitney Curator, and has authored way too many notable art books.
So I was hoping to see some new great discoveries of the insider art world.
While their art collection was impressive, I was a bit disappointed not too see those new great undiscovered artists and photographic work on their walls. Maybe they keep those hidden away?

But they did have a fantastic Alexander Calder Mobile, two Alex Katz paintings, and one huge terrible Julian Schnabel painting hanging in their home.

The most impressive aspect of this Contemporaries Collection Visit was seeing their incredible townhouse, which had been 100% designed by Mr. Gerogis & his architectural firm.
Picture_007_1The space was perhaps one of the best renovations of the typically narrow NYC townhouse I've ever seen.  It really had gay flair a great sense of space and flow.  Even with 75+ pretentious people at the party It felt completely airy and comfortable.

But the highlight of my evening was running into friend, Art Lawyer Extraordinaire and Art & Auction Columnist, Charles Danziger, whom I've not seen in over a year.  I found it extremely funny, when Charles saw me, the first words out of his mouth were, "I didn't know you were interested in Art !"  OUCH!!  Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I've only hung out with Charles socially where Dr. Quiz and I are typically dressed more like lesbians plumbers than modern art collectors.

So while I truly don't enjoy these pointless events, it was great to catch up with Charles, plus snoop around see this amazing townhouse and art collection.


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How does one get invited to such an event?

Hey James,
This was an event for museum members under 40, who joined the Whitney's "Young Collectors Group". Almost every NYC museum has a group like this. They typically have one event every month or so.

Hey Mike,

Patrick and I want to join one or two of these groups but they tell me that they are "invitation only"?? Is that true or is it just because I'm a dealer??


Hey Dan,
I joined the ICP Focus group, and the Whitney Contemporaries Group. I thought they were both open to anyone, but I think there's an expected min donation (ex..$275 for ICP).
I've found the ICP FOCUS group to be well worth joining the last few years.

OMG! You're SO not under 40!

Under 40, Really? =;>)

I'm well Under 40! Thank You!

I just look and sound more mature!! :-)

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