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May 04, 2006

A night of Mark Bradford and Dana Schutz

Can Life get any better..??? Two Hot Artists in one night!

Mark_bradfordLast night Mark Bradford (Photo #1) gave a very candid and insightful lecture at the Whitney.
As part of the Whitney Biennial artist lecture program, Mark talked in depth about  his work currently in this years show, as well about his many other projects.

In the Biennial, Mark Bradford's two large scale somewhat abstract paper collage work (Photo #2 Los Moscos 2004) which he frequently refers to as "Paintings" are his renderings of urban maps. Filled with interesting commentary on  economic and social context within urban American culture, these landscapes are rich in details from his life in inner city LA.  Mark is a very dynamic and entertaining speaker,
Bradford_losmoscos and we look forward to seeing what comes next for the rising art star. His recent selection to represent the US at the San Paolo Biennial, and his win this week of the 2006 Bucksbaum Award (the last winner was Raymond Pettibon) certainly places Mark Bradford as one of the few artists from this years Whitney Biennial with, most likely, a brighter future ahead of him. It couldn't happen to a nicer girlfriend guy, Congratulations Mark! I hope your new found exposure doesn't change you.

Speaking of Over Exposure!! Can you say.... Dana Schutz!!  So, after attending the lecture I headed downtown to civilization my favorite NYC haunt.. Strand Books!

Dana_schutz There are several new publication I was looking for.. but much to my shock.. I found it's not just the NYC collectors and ArtInfo.com which have gone Young Artist Crazy.  But it would seem the entire art book publishing industry as well!! Sitting right next to the new Jasper Johns: Catenary book, believe it or not, was the very young, 2002 Columbia MFA Grad super hot Dana Schutz new artist monograph!

Dana Schutz :Paintings 2002 - 2005, published by D.A.P, Distributed Art Publishers, www.artbook.com, in 2006 for her recent show at the Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University. I guess the show ran from Jan 19th to April 9, 2006. The book includes an essay by Katy Siegel and a conversation between Dana Schutz and Raphaela Platow the shows curator. It also has no less than 46 plates of her paintings.. hmm.. But, at her age, what was there to curate? Could she have possibly painted any more art works?  Well..needles to say.. I had to buy a copy! After all.. She's Dana Schutz! Be sure to pick up yours soon.. it's bound to sell out fast!

Also.. if you've not done so yet.. be sure to place your bet in our May Monthly Art Quiz!


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MAO.. Great Blog.

Marky Mark Bradford!! LUV Her!!

Those tall LA girls know their art shit!

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