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May 20, 2006

All Rock and NO Center

It would seem Linda Yablonsky (The Art Critic for Bloomberg News) copied agreed with what I had to say Tuesday about the ArtRock 2006.

Jillgreenberg_oyveh It's a nice exhibition, but it's completely wasted lost on most the viewers in Rockefeller Center because no information was made available to the general public at the exhibition cite on the artists or on any of the works presented.

FYI.. A brochure was only made available to the press (and not to this Blogger..cause I wasn't invited! OMG..can you believe that!) at the preview. Such a pity. Why not put the info up?? What are these galleries thinking???

Here's Linda's story posted yesterday morning. "Elvis, Head-Bangers Join Brown Baggers at Rockefeller Center"Download ArtRock2006_LindaYablonsky.txt


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those type of public exhibitions have always been more about the novelty of the venue and the disorientation of the audience.

James and I didn't get invited to any press events either, and our blogs are nearly the top hits on a search for "art rock rockefeller center" -- covering last year's event.

I also asked the Clementine ladies to be put on a press e-mail list, but I guess it didn't happen.

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