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May 31, 2006

Art and Blogger things I learned on my Holiday at the Beach

Absolute_vanilla As a fertile ground for Art & Blog gossip info, I learned a few things on my first summer weekend vacation!!

  1. 1. During the winter months "many people" had too much lots of disposable income to spend on Over priced Beach Real Estate, Landscaping, Expensive Contemporary Art, and Bad Cosmetic Surgery
  2. 2. One bitchy NYC art dealer suggested the Loretta Lux show may not be as "Sold Out" as previously reported
  3. 3. The new Heinekin Light Beer can't be made cold enough to taste good
  4. 4. The last third of Art Incorporates, The Story of Contemporary Art by Julian Stallabrass was just as bad dull as the first two thirds
  5. 5. Never let This Fun Sheepy blogger kneed dough or make meatballs after "carrying-on" at High-Tea
  6. 6. The June'06 Art News was possibly the fluffiest reporting I've seen in years, oh, and the NADA dealers of west 27th street are all very pretty with really great smiles
  7. Before cash funding and the start of their art investing, many of the senior executives of Fernwood Art Investments, LLC "parted ways" with the company founder, and went gone-zo out of business
  8. Two rich smart beach friends from the NYC financial community are also crazed Vik Muniz enthusiast and collectors
  9. My cute,sexy,slutty close friend C-Squared needs to either learn to Lock or put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door when he's "Utilizing" his housemates bedroom
  10. Mixing almost anything with Absolut Vanilla still tastes Absolutely Terrible!

Don't Forget.. Tomorrow is June First... So stay tuned for the Next MAO Art Quiz!!


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You're right.. Absolut Vanilla.. is impossible to drink!

Why must you always pick on Loretta Lux now???

If you didn't like your AbVans & Diet Cokes, then why did you hammer three of them before Low Tea?

Perhaps certain bears aren't consuming cocktails for their tastiness, eh?

Well.. Having a few stiff ones (drinks) before low tea.. make all those little twinkies look better!

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