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May 17, 2006

Art Rock 2006 at Rockefeller Center

So Art Rock 2006, an annual public art exhibition is up and showing till May 21st...The show is controlled organized by The Clementine Gallery and it features work by 16 Contemporary Artists, mostly from the NADA club Galleries of far west 27th street. An Interesting coincidence!! Well, perhaps NOT!!

Overall, the show is pretty good, but the galleries needed to post information sheets on the artists and at least some basic info about the art works presented. The show is being visited by the general art unsavvy public (aka.. stupid tourists), so most of these cutting edge installations are lost not understandable by the viewers. It's a pity, cause these installations are pretty good, and most of it is totally incomprehensible to the visitors.

These 2 fun Telescope works by Alyson Shotz of the Derek Eller Gallery were getting much attention Artrock1

by the hordes many tourists (Photo # 1) who've taken over Rock Center.

Alyson has continued to do some amazing sculptures which play and bend light in new and creative ways.

Also Karen Weiner's "Great View"(photo #2) of the Ziehersmith Gallery, NYCArtrock2

fill the entire booth and was my personal favorite.

Also, see more photos by Bloggy "The Wise Art WebMaster" who paid Art Rock a visit with his trusty camera.....

So even though there's not even one Photography Gallery included, ArtRock 2006 is still worth checking out if you're in Midtown NYC.


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If organizers want to draw a new audience, they should provide information, instead of making it a guessing game or a treasure hunt to find out about the artists.

Several years ago, I worked for the Metropolitan Opera -- back when debate was raging about whether to have supertitle translations available to opera-goers. Lots of insiders admitted that they got a snobbish pleasure in knowing more than the unwashed hordes (well, actually the overdressed nouveau riche hordes). They hated the idea of the Met's becoming egalitarian. I think a chunk of the art world is the same way.

Lisa I agree. There is some aspect of "Art Insider" snob concept at work here..

But I also think the lack of info was partly due to the short time constraints the galleries had to setup and prepare for this show.

Oops. That link for me should be this:


Thanks Barry.. I'll fix that!

i like the artrock graphics alot.

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