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May 25, 2006

ICP's Second Triennial, Keeping it Young and In Focus!

In this fast pace world of Contemporary Art Photography, NYC's ICP would have to be considered the market leader and they've even exhibited a Loretta Lux! The center was instrumental to helping launch the careers of Vik Muniz, Liu Zheng, Tomoko Sawada, Chien-Chi Chang, and Shirin Neshat just to name a few...

So it's with great anticipation every Art Photography Enthusiast has been watching for the list of included artists for their next 2006 Triennial. Plus..as everyone on Fire Island knows.. the best things in life come in threes!

It's now posted on the ICP website... and it looks like a very interesting list of photographers. Led by senior curator Brian Wallis, they've chosen a topic and name : Ecotopia. Here's their blurb..

In a time of rampant natural disasters and urgent concerns about global environmental change, this exhibition demonstrates the ways in which the most interesting and engaging contemporary artists view the natural world. Shattering the stereotypes of landscape and nature photography, the thirty-nine international artists included in this survey boldly examine new concepts of the natural sphere occasioned by twenty-first-century technologies; images of destructive ecological engagement; and visions of our future interactions with the environment. Considering nature in the broadest sense, this exhibition reflects new perspectives on the planet that sustains, enchants, and—increasingly—frightens us.

Marymattingly_mobilityofhome You'll notice, for this show, they have avoided many of the hot hot artists...but, some MAO favorites have made the list.. like Mitch Epstein, Joan Fontcuberta, Thomas Ruff, Qingsong Wang, and Mary Mattingly (her cool photo to right, titled "The New Mobility of Home", 2004)

Plus there are several very young new artists. Of the 42 listed, 26 are under 40 years old.. 13 of these artists were born in the 70's, and one of these pups was even born in the 80's! OMG can you  say, I feel so old!

Given the topic of "destructive ecological engagement", I was surprised not to see included Edward Burtynsky, Chris Jordon, Stan Douglas, Alfredo Jaar, and Robert Polidori.  But I guess they had to make some tough choices..

The show opens September 14th!!

Art News also posted a brief story yesterday.


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ICP Rocks!!

Interesting post..

So who in the world is Liu Zhang and Chien-Chi Chang?

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