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May 31, 2006

Art and Blogger things I learned on my Holiday at the Beach

Absolute_vanilla As a fertile ground for Art & Blog gossip info, I learned a few things on my first summer weekend vacation!!

  1. 1. During the winter months "many people" had too much lots of disposable income to spend on Over priced Beach Real Estate, Landscaping, Expensive Contemporary Art, and Bad Cosmetic Surgery
  2. 2. One bitchy NYC art dealer suggested the Loretta Lux show may not be as "Sold Out" as previously reported
  3. 3. The new Heinekin Light Beer can't be made cold enough to taste good
  4. 4. The last third of Art Incorporates, The Story of Contemporary Art by Julian Stallabrass was just as bad dull as the first two thirds
  5. 5. Never let This Fun Sheepy blogger kneed dough or make meatballs after "carrying-on" at High-Tea
  6. 6. The June'06 Art News was possibly the fluffiest reporting I've seen in years, oh, and the NADA dealers of west 27th street are all very pretty with really great smiles
  7. Before cash funding and the start of their art investing, many of the senior executives of Fernwood Art Investments, LLC "parted ways" with the company founder, and went gone-zo out of business
  8. Two rich smart beach friends from the NYC financial community are also crazed Vik Muniz enthusiast and collectors
  9. My cute,sexy,slutty close friend C-Squared needs to either learn to Lock or put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door when he's "Utilizing" his housemates bedroom
  10. Mixing almost anything with Absolut Vanilla still tastes Absolutely Terrible!

Don't Forget.. Tomorrow is June First... So stay tuned for the Next MAO Art Quiz!!

May 26, 2006

Summer Reading List?? Any Suggestions?

It's Memorial Weekend FridayNangoldin_beachblanket Today, which marks the real start to the summer drinking reading season in NYC. So I'm looking for some suggestions to round out my summer reading list while on the beach at Fire Island. So far I've picked up these:

  1. Art Incorporated, The story of Contemporary Art, by Julian Stallabrass (already two-thirds finished.. not too good so far!)
  2. An Inner Silence: The Portraits of Henri Cartier-Bresson by Agnes Sire & Jean-Luc Nancy
  3. Talking Prices: Symbolic Meaning of Prices on the Market for Contemporary Art by Olav Velthuis
  4. I Bought Andy Warhol by Richard Polsky
  5. The Worth of Art: Pricing the Priceless by Judith Benhamou-Huet

Any new "must read book" that I'm missing?? All suggestions welcome!

And FYI.. NO, this is not me in the photo silly!! It's Nan Goldin's  "C.Z. and Maz on the Beach" 1976 from The Ballad of Sexual Dependency.. and also, not so coincidentally, The MAO family art collection!.

Have a fun Long Weekend!

May 25, 2006

ICP's Second Triennial, Keeping it Young and In Focus!

In this fast pace world of Contemporary Art Photography, NYC's ICP would have to be considered the market leader and they've even exhibited a Loretta Lux! The center was instrumental to helping launch the careers of Vik Muniz, Liu Zheng, Tomoko Sawada, Chien-Chi Chang, and Shirin Neshat just to name a few...

So it's with great anticipation every Art Photography Enthusiast has been watching for the list of included artists for their next 2006 Triennial. Plus..as everyone on Fire Island knows.. the best things in life come in threes!

It's now posted on the ICP website... and it looks like a very interesting list of photographers. Led by senior curator Brian Wallis, they've chosen a topic and name : Ecotopia. Here's their blurb..

In a time of rampant natural disasters and urgent concerns about global environmental change, this exhibition demonstrates the ways in which the most interesting and engaging contemporary artists view the natural world. Shattering the stereotypes of landscape and nature photography, the thirty-nine international artists included in this survey boldly examine new concepts of the natural sphere occasioned by twenty-first-century technologies; images of destructive ecological engagement; and visions of our future interactions with the environment. Considering nature in the broadest sense, this exhibition reflects new perspectives on the planet that sustains, enchants, and—increasingly—frightens us.

Marymattingly_mobilityofhome You'll notice, for this show, they have avoided many of the hot hot artists...but, some MAO favorites have made the list.. like Mitch Epstein, Joan Fontcuberta, Thomas Ruff, Qingsong Wang, and Mary Mattingly (her cool photo to right, titled "The New Mobility of Home", 2004)

Plus there are several very young new artists. Of the 42 listed, 26 are under 40 years old.. 13 of these artists were born in the 70's, and one of these pups was even born in the 80's! OMG can you  say, I feel so old!

Given the topic of "destructive ecological engagement", I was surprised not to see included Edward Burtynsky, Chris Jordon, Stan Douglas, Alfredo Jaar, and Robert Polidori.  But I guess they had to make some tough choices..

The show opens September 14th!!

Art News also posted a brief story yesterday.

May 23, 2006

Loretta Lux, Photo Art Super Star to Stay, or Over Priced Flash in the Pan??

Happy Tuesday MAO readers.. So.. I'm hearing from several of my NYC photo/art crazy obsessed friends.. Don't miss the new Loretta Lux, completely new "Sold Out," show at the Yossi Milo Gallery!!

The_waitinggirl_lorettaluxIt's her second solo show, and its up till June 24th. Here is one of Loretta Lux newest classically disturbing works. "The Waiting Girl", Ilfochrome Print, 2006.

For those totally clueless who are not familiar with Loretta Lux, these are combination works of photography, painting and digital software manipulation. One expert,in American Photo determined her technique as "Gaussian Blur, Unsharp Masking, and Level Controls from Photoshop"

Her work has been hotly trashed, & praised debated in envious art circles..But the question remains..Loretta Lux, is it Photography, or Contemporary Art??  Is she an Art Genius or a passing fad? Is her haunting Child images a MUST HAVE for any serious modern collection or a total waste of money? Her work is reported in Yossi's press release to be currently included in many high profile museum collections, though I have yet to see it on display at a US museum.

As for me.. I hated reacted strongly to her work when I first saw it, I think it's scary,creepy somewhat original, but felt it was a total rip off a bit expensive. They typically cost about $25k+ for the larger prints 20x20 inches, edition of 7, and around $9k+ for the 11x11inch edition of 20, which I thought high for such a brand spanking new artist.  Doing the simple math, this values each image Loretta creates at about $350,000 in total. Which, I'd guess, probably puts her in the top 15% of all living producing contemporary artists today. Is this reasonable??  It's also been curious to see her work come up so soon at auction several times in the last 2 years. Are art insiders flipping these over hyped works for a quick buck before it crashes?   But so far, they've always been selling at auction for at least 90% of the current retail price and sometimes way higher.

Well.. MAO readers.. So.. Clearly I have no idea why so many lemmings people are paying so much for collecting these.. What do you think?

May 20, 2006

All Rock and NO Center

It would seem Linda Yablonsky (The Art Critic for Bloomberg News) copied agreed with what I had to say Tuesday about the ArtRock 2006.

Jillgreenberg_oyveh It's a nice exhibition, but it's completely wasted lost on most the viewers in Rockefeller Center because no information was made available to the general public at the exhibition cite on the artists or on any of the works presented.

FYI.. A brochure was only made available to the press (and not to this Blogger..cause I wasn't invited! OMG..can you believe that!) at the preview. Such a pity. Why not put the info up?? What are these galleries thinking???

Here's Linda's story posted yesterday morning. "Elvis, Head-Bangers Join Brown Baggers at Rockefeller Center"Download ArtRock2006_LindaYablonsky.txt

May 19, 2006

Laurie Simmons @ MOMA

A pioneer in the world of staged Art Photography, Laurie Simmons' will have her NYC Film Premier next week at MOMA (May 24 and 29th).. An event not to be missed!  TimeOut NY had a great interview by Andrea K. Scott with Laurie this week. The new film will feature super movie star Meryl Streep. I loved Laurie's new book "Walking, Talking, Lying" so looking forward to seeing her first movie.

Lauriesimmons_camera Laurie Simmons's "The Music of Regret"

is showing at MOMA!

The Music of Regret. 2006. USA. Directed by Laurie Simmons. Cinematography by Ed Lachman. Music by Michael Rohatyn. Produced by Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, Donald Rosenfeld, Salon 94, and Performa with RoseLee Goldberg. Associate produced by Fabienne Stephan. A mini-musical in three acts, this 35mm film grew out of distinct periods in Simmons’s photographic work. Vintage child-craft puppets enact the pain and regret that erupt between two feuding families. A female ventriloquist dummy sings about the failures of attachment and communication to her six dummy suitors. Walking objects—including a gun, a house, and a pocket watch—dance their hearts out in order to be noticed. 40 min. World premiere.
Wednesday, May 24, 7:00 and 8:15. T1; Monday, May 29, 1:00. T2

Well.. It's nice to see an "AOACA" (an "Artist of A Certian Age") doing something new!!


What can we say.. ??? Break a Leg THIS GIRL's GOT LEGS!! Congrats Laurie!

May 18, 2006

RIF !! Reading Is Fundamental!!

RIF - Reading Is Fundamental well.. actually for the truly Modern Art Obsessed.. Art Books are the drug of choice best candy.  And vintage signed first edition photography books are the nerds art addicts cocaine Godiva Chocolates.

Bookworm Actually I believe it's one of the last relatively undiscovered art collectible.  On May 18th Christies only had their First Ever Photography Book Auction in London.

So, we have yet to see art book prices explode the way we've seen it happen to everything else in the Contemporary Art world.  I also think it's a fun and educational way for new art collectors to  satisfy their addiction get their feet wet.  Last year at least 3 new Books on Photography Books were published, and this month one of the most well respected leading NYC photography dealers, Howard Greenberg Gallery, has a new show just dedicated to Photography Books.

So, Today is the Swann Galleries Photography Book Auction!! Here's a few on the MAO hit list!!

So wish me luck.. and if any MAO readers out there have signed vintage versions of these Jems they'd like to sell... I'm a sucker buyer!!

May 17, 2006

Art Rock 2006 at Rockefeller Center

So Art Rock 2006, an annual public art exhibition is up and showing till May 21st...The show is controlled organized by The Clementine Gallery and it features work by 16 Contemporary Artists, mostly from the NADA club Galleries of far west 27th street. An Interesting coincidence!! Well, perhaps NOT!!

Overall, the show is pretty good, but the galleries needed to post information sheets on the artists and at least some basic info about the art works presented. The show is being visited by the general art unsavvy public (aka.. stupid tourists), so most of these cutting edge installations are lost not understandable by the viewers. It's a pity, cause these installations are pretty good, and most of it is totally incomprehensible to the visitors.

These 2 fun Telescope works by Alyson Shotz of the Derek Eller Gallery were getting much attention Artrock1

by the hordes many tourists (Photo # 1) who've taken over Rock Center.

Alyson has continued to do some amazing sculptures which play and bend light in new and creative ways.

Also Karen Weiner's "Great View"(photo #2) of the Ziehersmith Gallery, NYCArtrock2

fill the entire booth and was my personal favorite.

Also, see more photos by Bloggy "The Wise Art WebMaster" who paid Art Rock a visit with his trusty camera.....

So even though there's not even one Photography Gallery included, ArtRock 2006 is still worth checking out if you're in Midtown NYC.

May 16, 2006

My Broker, My Therapist ??

A Small Digression... Hopefully you didn't miss possibly the most stupid! funniest story I've seen written in the Sunday Times this year, "My Broker, My Therapist."Download my_broker_my_therapist_new_york_times.txt

Beaverhausen All I can say.. I don't know who's more fucked up nuts.. the NYC real estate Markets, the real estate brokers or their crazy NY clients!

And FYI.. for all those bitch queens who emailed me to ask..

No!!  It wasn't Dr. Quiz who was quoted as the East Hampton frustrated wife..

"Public fighting is the worst," said Diane Saatchi, a senior vice president of the Corcoran Group East End in East Hampton. She described the frustrated wife, shopping for a $3 million summer home, who turned to her husband and uttered one line that said it all: "I wish you had a good job so we didn't have to live like this." 

May 15, 2006

East Hampton & Jackson Pollock

So Picture_040_1spent the weekend hosting friends in East Hampton (aka.. Pupschwitz) with JG and These Fun Bloggers.  It wasn't warm or sunny.. so luckily we had lots of alcohol made an appointment to tour the near by Pollock-Krasner House, the home and studio of Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner.

Jackson's old studio is a work of art unto itself. The art history just breaths from every splinter of the old cedar shingled studio (Photo #3).

Unfortunately they don't allow any tourist photography in the Studio Barn. So you'll have to go see it for yourself.

But, just the experience of walking on the same floor where Pollock dripped his paint is almost a religious event for the Modern Art Obsessed.

The floor of the old studio looks just like his painting Lavender Mist.  After taking our shoes off, and putting on the little foam booties, we were able to walk  on this original old wooden studio floor during the tour.


Our docent (a retired EH Local Resident..photo #2) Myrna Klein was both entertaining and full of local gossip & moral opinions information on the lives of Krasner and Pollock.Jackson_pollackstudio Which of course kept even Dr. Quiz satisfied!

While they don't have much of Lee or Jackson's art work at the center, it's really an amazing piece of art history.  It's well worth a vist, if you find yourself in the Hamptooons this summer.

Also.. The Guggenheim Museum in honor of the 50th anniversary of Pollocks tragic death will have a show this summer  No Limits, Just Edges: Jackson Pollock Paintings on Paper
May 26–September 29, 2006


May 12, 2006

May Art Quiz Winner!!

So yesterday was the Sothebys Contemporary   feeding frenzy  sale.  And as expected, irrational exuberance was rampant in these auction rooms this week. This has resulted in the Highest Contemporary Art Sale In Sothebys History!!

New Sky High record prices were set for Robert Ryman, Andreas Gursky, Damien Hirst, Lisa Yuskavage, David Hockney, Neo Rauch, Brice Marden, and Cecily Brown just to name a few. 10 artist records alone were set at Sothebys Wednesday night.  It must have been a full moon.  But, all in all, as of this morning, 141 different works sold for over a million dollars each !!

Warhol_mao_sothebysmay11_1 Our beloved little MAO painting by

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) MAO

Estimated Sales Price : $250,000 - 350,000

Size : 12 by 10 inches.

Description : Acrylic and Silkscreen ink on canvas

Executed in 1973.

Sold for a total whopping $772,000.

But sad to say.. very few of our bright MAO readers thought it was worth anywhere near the three quarters of a Million dollars hammer price.

We had one cracked out optimistic reader who suggested a million dollars.. but the winning guess came from Cesar L of New York City, who guessed $550,000. Cesar has selected a great NYC art charity. Creative Time for a donation to be made in his honor. Great choice, and nice guess! Congratulations Cesar!!

Shirinneshat FYI... On June 1st, Creative Time is going to have a great fund raising event. It's their annual Benefit and this time it's honoring artist Shirin Neshat! So, Well worth checking out!

May 09, 2006

Hot Art Photography and the REFCO Premium!

Little_screamer I was just looking through the outrageous prices achieved Friday night at the second part of the REFCO Photography Auctions.  The "Little Screamer" image by Jill Greenberg's (seen to the left) immediately came to mind!! Aaaaaahhhhh!

Well, Christies deserves a big round of applause! These prices are stupid crazy high! It's also a good sign that the Photography Art Market is still Red Hot! Or at least some people have money to burn.

The Baldessari "Beach Scene/Nuns/Nurse (with choices). 1991 sold for $744,000!! That is almost 4 times the $200,00, high end of the presale estimate. Ouch!

A Rodney Graham, Lot #4, "Welsh Oak #3" 1998 sold for $168,000. That presale estimate high was only a mere $90,000.

Lot #11, which was a Diane Arbus, "Tattooed Man at a Carnival, 1970" number 57 of an edition of 75, it's PreSale Estimate was $15-20k. This one sold for a whopping $50,400. And I know for a fact, this image was readily available for less..

The huge "Avenue of the Americas" lot #26 by Gursky was possibly one of the only sane winning bids of the night.. it sold to some size queen for only $374,400, which once you take out the Auction house premium it fell to a hammer price well within the  $250,000 - 350,000 presale estimate.

Dicorcia_marylin And one of  Phillip Lorca diCorcia greatest images Lot #39,  "Marlyin; 28 years old; Las Vegas, Nevada; $30" 1990 printed in 1993, number 14 of an edition of 20, 30x40 inches, The presale estimate was only $25,000 - 30,000 and it sold for $72,000. Now I know the presale estimate looked a bit low on this lot... but $72k ??

This exact same image, size, etc.. just sold at the October 7, 2005, Phillips Photography sale for only $60,000. That's a 20% jump in price in just 7 months! That's insane a nice investment

FYI.. If you missed out on the Marlyin.. there's yet another Phillip-Lorca diCorcia Marlyin image coming up for auction at Phillips this week.

So the big Contemporary Art Auctions go this week... there's a ton of work up for sale.. so it's going to be interesting to see how high the prices go! Remember.. It's not too late to submit your guess... for our Monthly Quiz..!! That handsome Warhol may go at a high, and you maybe a winner!

May 05, 2006

House of CAMPARI and 25 Bold Moves

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  So.. There's a new impressive gallery space in SOHO!!
Compari_galleryIt's sponsored by the global beverage group CAMPARI. And what goes well with CAMPARI... but Emerging Art of course!

Their first new show named "25 Bold Moves - An Exhibition of Contemporary Art" was curated by Simon Watson and Craig Hensala of Scenic. The very interesting show features the promising work of 25 new emerging artists.

Most of which have been (or will soon have) shows in some of NYC most innovative galleries.

Last night's opening party was filled with the "beautiful people" (and us?) of the NYC cutting edge art world....which of course means..lots of bright-eyed Art Bloggers, and Art WebMasters !!!

Simonwhatson_chrisdorlandHere's a photo of Simon Watson being filmed in front of a amazing Chris Dorland Painting, named "Event Horizon, 2005." Chris will have a show at Ed's wonderful Plus Ultra Gallery in the Fall.

My pal Dutch and I enjoyed the show and the a few too many tasty CAMPARI drinks! There were several other standout works..(More to be shown....once I sober up) 

Here's one of my other favorite works featured by Toronto artist Scott Treleaven who recently had a show at John Connelly Presents. Treleaven_bouquetThe work is called "Bouquet of Bones, 2005," it's collage and ink on paper. Totally adorable.

The new CAMPARI gallery space is at 382 West Broadway, and this group show only runs through May 21st... so you've got to see it fast!

This was a good start, and we're looking forward to seeing what comes next for this new CAMPARI gallery space.

May 04, 2006

A night of Mark Bradford and Dana Schutz

Can Life get any better..??? Two Hot Artists in one night!

Mark_bradfordLast night Mark Bradford (Photo #1) gave a very candid and insightful lecture at the Whitney.
As part of the Whitney Biennial artist lecture program, Mark talked in depth about  his work currently in this years show, as well about his many other projects.

In the Biennial, Mark Bradford's two large scale somewhat abstract paper collage work (Photo #2 Los Moscos 2004) which he frequently refers to as "Paintings" are his renderings of urban maps. Filled with interesting commentary on  economic and social context within urban American culture, these landscapes are rich in details from his life in inner city LA.  Mark is a very dynamic and entertaining speaker,
Bradford_losmoscos and we look forward to seeing what comes next for the rising art star. His recent selection to represent the US at the San Paolo Biennial, and his win this week of the 2006 Bucksbaum Award (the last winner was Raymond Pettibon) certainly places Mark Bradford as one of the few artists from this years Whitney Biennial with, most likely, a brighter future ahead of him. It couldn't happen to a nicer girlfriend guy, Congratulations Mark! I hope your new found exposure doesn't change you.

Speaking of Over Exposure!! Can you say.... Dana Schutz!!  So, after attending the lecture I headed downtown to civilization my favorite NYC haunt.. Strand Books!

Dana_schutz There are several new publication I was looking for.. but much to my shock.. I found it's not just the NYC collectors and ArtInfo.com which have gone Young Artist Crazy.  But it would seem the entire art book publishing industry as well!! Sitting right next to the new Jasper Johns: Catenary book, believe it or not, was the very young, 2002 Columbia MFA Grad super hot Dana Schutz new artist monograph!

Dana Schutz :Paintings 2002 - 2005, published by D.A.P, Distributed Art Publishers, www.artbook.com, in 2006 for her recent show at the Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University. I guess the show ran from Jan 19th to April 9, 2006. The book includes an essay by Katy Siegel and a conversation between Dana Schutz and Raphaela Platow the shows curator. It also has no less than 46 plates of her paintings.. hmm.. But, at her age, what was there to curate? Could she have possibly painted any more art works?  Well..needles to say.. I had to buy a copy! After all.. She's Dana Schutz! Be sure to pick up yours soon.. it's bound to sell out fast!

Also.. if you've not done so yet.. be sure to place your bet in our May Monthly Art Quiz!

May 01, 2006

May Day - The Monthly MAO Art Quiz

China_mayday Happy May Day! (Photo #1.. May Day Workers Celebration in China!)

So after doing some research on May Day.

The editorial staff at MAO thought is was a good enough excuse to have a May 1st monthly art quiz that allows everyone to participate, not just the modern art history sharp shooters.

Also, May is Contemporary Art Auction Fever month in NYC, and for some reason, several older long time MAO readers have requested a non new-media art (painting) related quiz.  OK.. So there's this really beautiful Warhol work coming up for Auction on May 11th at Sothebys morning sale. It's just one of 34 Warhol Lots on the auction block only at Sothebys NYC during MAY.

Warhol_mao_sothebysmay11Lot 228 Contemporary Art Day Sale.

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) MAO

Estimated Sales Price : $250,000 - 350,000

Size : 12 by 10 inches.

Description : Acrylic and Silkscreen ink on canvas

Executed in 1973,

this work is stamped by the Estate of Andy Warhol on the overlap and stamped by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. and numbered PA 80.009 on the reverse and the overlap.

Catalog Notes : "Warhol's portraits of Mao (1973) fitted quite naturally into our society's existential field, being a precise allusion to a major ideological problem of that moment."
-- Pierre Restany

Additionally.. this Warhol was bought by the current seller at the May 15th, 2001 Philiips Auction.. so we'll be able to calculate their exact annual rate of return for the current seller. Should be interesting!

So, OK.. Quizlings!! Guess the final winning total, "All-In-Sales-Price," including the insane 20% auction house premium.  The person with the closest guess to the exact winning bid, wins! One guess per person, and you must leave an email address to participate. As always Dr. Quiz will act as both Judge and Jury if there's any question as to the rightful winner.

This time, since so may press/blog/art people already get into museums for free, plus to have some good, come out of all this greed crazy money madness of the contemporary art auctions.. The winner gets to choose their favorite arts related charity for a "generous donation" to be made in their honor. 

Hammer time is May 11th starting at 10AM.. so.. you've all got some time to come up with a good guess.. best of luck!