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May 19, 2006

Laurie Simmons @ MOMA

A pioneer in the world of staged Art Photography, Laurie Simmons' will have her NYC Film Premier next week at MOMA (May 24 and 29th).. An event not to be missed!  TimeOut NY had a great interview by Andrea K. Scott with Laurie this week. The new film will feature super movie star Meryl Streep. I loved Laurie's new book "Walking, Talking, Lying" so looking forward to seeing her first movie.

Lauriesimmons_camera Laurie Simmons's "The Music of Regret"

is showing at MOMA!

The Music of Regret. 2006. USA. Directed by Laurie Simmons. Cinematography by Ed Lachman. Music by Michael Rohatyn. Produced by Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, Donald Rosenfeld, Salon 94, and Performa with RoseLee Goldberg. Associate produced by Fabienne Stephan. A mini-musical in three acts, this 35mm film grew out of distinct periods in Simmons’s photographic work. Vintage child-craft puppets enact the pain and regret that erupt between two feuding families. A female ventriloquist dummy sings about the failures of attachment and communication to her six dummy suitors. Walking objects—including a gun, a house, and a pocket watch—dance their hearts out in order to be noticed. 40 min. World premiere.
Wednesday, May 24, 7:00 and 8:15. T1; Monday, May 29, 1:00. T2

Well.. It's nice to see an "AOACA" (an "Artist of A Certian Age") doing something new!!


What can we say.. ??? Break a Leg THIS GIRL's GOT LEGS!! Congrats Laurie!


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