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May 18, 2006

RIF !! Reading Is Fundamental!!

RIF - Reading Is Fundamental well.. actually for the truly Modern Art Obsessed.. Art Books are the drug of choice best candy.  And vintage signed first edition photography books are the nerds art addicts cocaine Godiva Chocolates.

Bookworm Actually I believe it's one of the last relatively undiscovered art collectible.  On May 18th Christies only had their First Ever Photography Book Auction in London.

So, we have yet to see art book prices explode the way we've seen it happen to everything else in the Contemporary Art world.  I also think it's a fun and educational way for new art collectors to  satisfy their addiction get their feet wet.  Last year at least 3 new Books on Photography Books were published, and this month one of the most well respected leading NYC photography dealers, Howard Greenberg Gallery, has a new show just dedicated to Photography Books.

So, Today is the Swann Galleries Photography Book Auction!! Here's a few on the MAO hit list!!

So wish me luck.. and if any MAO readers out there have signed vintage versions of these Jems they'd like to sell... I'm a sucker buyer!!


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I can't WAIT to outbid you on every single one of these!

I read an article recently (can't remember where) about why photography books were becoming collectible. Apparently, publishers will only print small runs because the number of buyers is only about 5,000. But that number stays constant, so that once the book's out of print, collectors have to compete to get a copy. The article suggested that the ideal time to buy photography books was about eight months after publication, when book stores are putting them on the Bargain Racks. A couple years later, when the books are hard to find, they're worth many times the price.

I very nearly bought the Kertesz book at ICP back in the 80s -- he's my favorite vintage photographer -- but at the time, on my entry-level salary, I thought the original cover price was "too expensive." Ugh. Don't tell me if you get that book -- I'm already green-eyed that you own Nan Goldin's Trixie.

Thanks KennyT!! It would seem lots of people were ready to outbid me!! I bought almost nothing!

Hey Lisa.. I missed it too.. that Kertesz "Light Of Day" Book just sold for almost $500. Ouch!

Wow. That's a lot for a 1987 book! Then again, his Satirical Dancer photograph has nearly led me to a life of crime, I covet it so.

I'm sorry to hear that. You know I'd never maliciously outbid you. I can barely afford my habits let alone someone elses.

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