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May 26, 2006

Summer Reading List?? Any Suggestions?

It's Memorial Weekend FridayNangoldin_beachblanket Today, which marks the real start to the summer drinking reading season in NYC. So I'm looking for some suggestions to round out my summer reading list while on the beach at Fire Island. So far I've picked up these:

  1. Art Incorporated, The story of Contemporary Art, by Julian Stallabrass (already two-thirds finished.. not too good so far!)
  2. An Inner Silence: The Portraits of Henri Cartier-Bresson by Agnes Sire & Jean-Luc Nancy
  3. Talking Prices: Symbolic Meaning of Prices on the Market for Contemporary Art by Olav Velthuis
  4. I Bought Andy Warhol by Richard Polsky
  5. The Worth of Art: Pricing the Priceless by Judith Benhamou-Huet

Any new "must read book" that I'm missing?? All suggestions welcome!

And FYI.. NO, this is not me in the photo silly!! It's Nan Goldin's  "C.Z. and Maz on the Beach" 1976 from The Ballad of Sexual Dependency.. and also, not so coincidentally, The MAO family art collection!.

Have a fun Long Weekend!


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MAO.. Maybe you should try reading this book!

Photography Reborn : Image Making in the Digital Era (Abrams Studio) (Paperback)
by Jonathan Lipkin


It's got a Loretta Lux photograph on the COVER!!

Thanks Christine for the "helpful suggestion.."

and FYI.. I already have a copy of that book.. it was a light and fluffy read.

Yikes. Get some fiction on there, or at the very least the Andy Warhol Diaries. Remind me not to talk to you after a day of reading from that list. If you haven't read "The Sea" yet, you should. From that "Life of Pi" book that everybody read a few years ago. Since you'll be on "The Sea" and such. Oh, and "They Year of Magical Thinking". Oh, and "The Bright Forever". There was a girl in my Ohio town that went missing in the 70's and I've been meaning to read it. Although it might be emotional (and I gave those up YEARS ago). The color is a pretty blue, like the Ocean.... And there's Anderson's new book. But that's just so %&#! As you can see, I'm a little behind the times when the dinner conversation turns to contemporary reading.

Mike -

IBAW is one of the worst books ever written. It really made me throw up in my mouth innumerable times. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

KennyT is right for once: definitely read "The Sea."


Ok.. so you have a house in East Hampton and Fire Island??

When I die I want to come back in my second life as MAO!

Nice blog, love Nan Goldin.. but don't you ever get enough?? LOL!

Try Olvan Velthius's "Talking Prices" (Princeton, 2005) - probably the best academic work on the contemporary art market yet. He's studies the Dutch market, but with a few modifications, it's probably an apt description of the art market in most centers like NYC or London.

Also, try the recent books by David Galenson, the economist who studies art careers. Probably the best recent work on the career trajectory of high impact artists.

And have you read the recent de Kooning bio? People say it is good.

Hey MAO. Just posted on ArtLOOK a new book that I picked up yesterday. "Revealing Art" by Matthew Kieran. I'm only on page 104 so far, but check out the text from the back cover as described on yesterdays post.


And BTW.."Life of Pi" is an excellent read!

Bridges of Madison County?

How about "Ms. Plympton's Peril" it's a nice harlequin from a few year's back.

_River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West_ by Rebecca Solnit. a brilliant book about Muybridge, photography, technology, time etc...

I also thought Art Incorporated was a bit dull. I doubt you'll like The Worth of Art, either -- it has some interesting arguments, but it's mainly a diatribe against the evils of money in the art world. Very ivory tower.

Blimey, by Matthew Collings, is a fun read, though it's best to flip through it, not read it straight through. And if you're going to read fiction, I'll put in a plug for my favorite art-novel ever, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, by Gertrude Stein. Dishy gossip and literature all in one place!

Oh, and while I'm suggesting books that aren't at all new, have you read EDIE, the Edie Sedgewick biography by Jean Stein and George Plimpton (from back in the 80s)? It's the beach-book way to read about Warhol.

what about some magazines like Juxtapoz, which is Juxtapoz Magazine is a new art magazine for a new art movement! The unique publication attempts to fuse the lurid edges of consciousness, avant consumerism, and the international art community, and has emerged as a new art manifesto for our times; check http://www.ccgdata.com/3787-6.html or other magazines at www.artsensible.com

Nan Goldin rocks..

I found "Life of Pi" dull.

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