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June 06, 2006

Calder Mobile at The Seagram Building

So over this weekend, New York City's Midtown Manhattan (Park Ave and 53d Street) just got a new impressive work of Public art! You've got to go check it out!

Calder_mobile_onparkaveIt's a huge Alexander Calder Standing Mobile, and its on display right now on the Park Ave Plaza of the incredible Seagram Building between 52nd and 53rd street.

Two great works of engineering art.. They complement each other so well. The Mobile looks like it just "belongs to the buildings plaza."

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson, and Alexander Calder all at their best...a total WOW!

Calder_mobile_on_parkave2I don't know how long it's going to be there, but don't miss it, cause it's a perfect placement for this Modern Monument.

I snapped some pictures yesterday morning (photo #1), and then again on my walk home today (Photo # 2 & #3).
It's pretty cool.

After checking the Calder Foundation Website, I'm still not sure yet of the exact name of this Calder Standing Mobile.

Caldermobile_parkave3It looks a bit like the
Calder 1963 Southern Cross
Calder_southern_cross(photo #4 )
but the colors and the base are a different.

If any smart MAO reader knows the correct name of this Calder Standing Mobile.. Please let me know, and I'll post it on the site.

My advice is, pause, take a nice deep breath, and just watch the Mobile as it moves through the air.

You'll find its floating color looks graceful, tranquil and is beautifully delicate, which makes for an amazing oasis among the noisy chaos of Midtown Manhattan.

I hope it stays there for a long time, cause it looks perfect!


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Are you aware that your first five sentences contain 9 exclamation points?

Thanks Digbie.. I guess I was just a bit too excited.

Wow, excited about something are we?

I was at a cocktail party last evening and from the bed of my hosts, one could look at it perfectly. It was a really nice view. And then out the other window in the bedroom one could gaze up at the Four Seasons Hotel building. I really love that building. It was definitely a view I could live with (even if it was above 14th street).

And no, I won't tell you why I was in the bed of the host and hostess. Let's just say the champagne and oysters were GREAT!

Wow. Very little lures me to sticky midtown in the summer, but this just might do it.

Great pictures! I was just Googling to try to come up with which sculpture this Calder was (I ran across it today!) and came upon the answer right after finding your post about it.

Finally, art I like.

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