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June 29, 2006

Chaim Soutine and Modern Art Show at Cheim & Read

While I'm sure most MAO readers will be uber busy throwing attitude and cocktailing sunning themselves at the Hamptons beaches over the next few weeks.  But, if you have time to kill see anything this summer at galleries in Chelsea.. An absolute MAO must, is the new Chaim Soutine and Modern Art show at the very small collector unfriendly Cheim and Read Gallery. The show just opened, and is on view till Sept 9th.
Chiam3It's officially called : The New Landscape / The New Still Life: Soutine and Modern Art.

Actually, this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to see so much of this Expressionist master's paintings all in one place.


And as you might have guess from the shows title, the show is well focused on Chaim Soutine's Still Life and Landscape work. So while I love them, none of his most well known portraits were included in this show.
Chiam1But if seeing all the Chaim Soutine work was not impressive enough, these curators have done a masterful job of bringing together an incredible collection of other amazing paintings. The curators (Maurice Tuchman and Esti Dunow) have chosen work by of over 20+ modern and contemporary masters whom may have been influenced by Chaim Soutine.
This list consists of paintings by William de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet, Philip Guston, Luciam Freud, Alice Neel, Joan Mitchell, Richard Diebenkorm, and Susan Rothenberg just to name a few.. and believe it or not, there are many more.

It's completely shocking they've brought so much work together for a single show in a high attitude commercial chelsea gallery. The paintings have been loaned from all over, including, The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, The Met, plus many private collectors..now that's a lot of ass kissing curatorial work.

But all you multi-millionaire MAO readers & art buyers will be saddened to know.. only a few of these works are actually for sale! DAMN! But, They have also produced a wonderful 132 page color catalogue which us mere mortals can buy and take home for $65.

These 3 paintings (my really bad photos) included here, are all by Chaim Soutine and are in the show, The last painting is "Brace Of Pheasants," 1926 26 x 20 inches. Sadly, I didn't get the names of the other two...soon to follow..cause I need to go back and see this show again...and again.


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Fot the love of Pete, BUY A NEW CAMERA!!!

Thanks DC..LOL!! OK.. Alright.. I know..My photo's look pathetic..

But I was thinking...Hmmm.. buy a new camera..? or buy an Aaron Krach photo. ;-)

any comments on the frames? they look heavy and overwrought and compete with, rather than enhance, the images. there were good articles in the wall st. journal and the new yorker recently about shopping for appropriate frames.
and i agree about the camera issue but totally appreciate the effort.

Please, we all know you can handle buying both.

Thanks Saul for the comment.. and interesting question..

I believe most of these frames for the Chaim Soutine work are the vintage originals from the 1920's.

So they are period pieces.. from their post Gilded Age..

FYI.. Many of the more Contemporary works in the show are framed in a more current style.


Thanks KennyT.. That's very funny!!

I never knew I looked Arab!
I can't wait to post your photo & your celeb look-a-like!!

try holding your breath before you press the shutter, that usually makes shots less blurry.

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