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June 14, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk Part II

My sincere apologies for the small financial markets digression, but what do you expect from a wall street geek!... So, We now return to our regularly schedule programming...

Chelsea Art Walk: Part II

If you're in NYC this weekend with all the pesky tourists, there are two gallery shows that are closing on June 17th which are well worth checking out.

Wangechi Mutu "An Alien Eye and other Killah Anthems" at Sikkema Jenkins & Co Gallery.Wangechi_mutu_1

Barbara Pollack of TimeOut NYC Magazine described the show as "Divine and decadent."

That description is right on target.

In this show, Wangechi's large multi colored magazine/photo collages on mylar visually reminded me very much of some of the work by Fred Tomaseli. But with much more of a direct feminine pictorial narrative. These collages were all very powerful, you can see why her work is being shown by the same gallery which reps Kara Walker. It's not to be missed. 

I wasn't as fond of the other works in the show, which included a large scale "wall project", several postcards presented in glass cabinets, and two large scale dripping sculptures located in the back room.

(Note: this first photo is one I took from the new show.. I didn't get the collage name)

Here's a review by Carly Berwick that was posted on Bloomberg News.

Wangechi Mutu - Bloomberg Review

The second show is by German master model builder and photographer Oliver Boberg at DCKT Contemporary.

Oliver_boberg_forestOliver Boberg, his urban photos are almost too perfect to believe they are actually model recreations. Your eyes just can't help but scan the images for possible flaws. I'll bet you'll find few if any hints that these were studio created. Many of the best images from his 2004 book "Oliver Boberg" are featured in this show.

Even more impressive are the films, Nacht-Orte/Night Series, video projections, complete with full sound. I've included my 2 favorites film stills, Forest (photo #2), and Bridge, (photo #3)  So, be sure to have Kenny or Dennis take you into their dark Oliver_boberg_bridge backroom upstairs gallery to see these. They are so real, you'll even feel a slight chill from watching the snow falling on the bridge at night.

Also, The new and improved DCKT Contemporary website has the Boberg Video's (media file's) posted to view online.. but go see the real thing.. they will amaze you!

Here's a brief New Yorker Review Dennis posted.  This show also has more Oliver Boberg work at the Paul Morris Gallery.

Both shows are only on view till Sat June 17th....so it's your last chance to catch them!


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Glad you liked the show so much! Thanks for posting.

You should have seen the action in the upstairs dark "backroom" during the opening!

Backrooms?! No wonder you're so eager to go gallery hopping. Back to Pupschweitz for you next weekend, Mister!

Wait, was that you and Dr. Quiz that I had to chase out a couple of Fridays ago? And people wonder why Chelsea galleries don't have benches!

You know.. this use to be a nice, PG, family oriented artblog!!

Mutu is an amazing artist. I first realized this when I saw her work in the African Art museum in Brooklyn. It was a group show on African art, but her work clearly jumped out at me. The only other competition was a solid installation Shoniabere (sp?), the artist who creates mannequins depicting Western political events but uses African cloth.

It complete unsurprising that she's shot to the top of the heap. if you don't know her, you have read the gazillion art mags she's been in - Mod Painters, Art News & Art on Paper. All MOA readers should rush down and see her work immediately. The collages are the real deal. I only wish I had more $$$ back then to get one of the collages!!

Nice Blog MAO..
I saw the Oliver Boberg show last week.. I agree with you.. the videos are really great, much more impressive than his still photos.

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