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June 15, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk Part III, Jenny Holzer, and George Condo


Jenny Holzer at Crime Cheim & Read
This show runs thru June 17th.
We just Love, LUV, Loved It!

There are some really fun new work in this show..
It's very much worth going to check out this weekend.

I took two pic's, "Looking" is of a huge moving light curtain.. very cool! (Photo #1 and Photo #2)



There was also a new,

George Condo show called "Existential Portraits"
at the Luhring Augustine Gallery

Well, Actually this show closed already on June 3rd..
but don't worry..
you didn't miss anything original...
Here are two totally blurry

photo's I took, (#3 and #4) of some of "the better" paintings from the show.. They actually look better blurry!

For example... In their press release the gallery mentioned the use of faux gold frames (ooooo!!) on these paintings in the gallery show as if they were somehow an interesting addition... well...that's probably enough said on this show!



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MAO.. I can't believe you don't like George Condo's new paintings.
He's such a great painter.

Oh MAO, I missed the Condo show, but I have been a fan of his work for a long, long time! You gotta at least appreciate all of the funny and bizarre references in his work to earlier painters. . .

condo has been hyped and over-rated for decades now... never more than kitch figurative illustration, and half-ass at that.
altho the condo-market still flourishes... from that slice of the flashartworld, one would have to default to donald bachelor.

Thanks.. AJ.. I agree.. over rated and over hyped.. I liked some of his early work, but I find it's always the same old shitck, he hasn't done anything new or refreshing since the 80's.

But those drawings in the back, back room (there I am again...) were GREAT! I have never laughed and seen a group of people laugh at 4 drawings like that in a long time. They really made me think and feel good (both difficult for me to do). He's still a good painter But I've always wondered why the models are so poorly endowed (men and women).

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