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June 08, 2006

Congratulations to Brian Clamp, Anne Wilkes Tucker, and Barbara Hitchock

Ouch!! I'm feeling a bit fuzzy today..too much wine fun last night with the gang..Dr.Quiz, JG (aka..Teach!), Sheepy, The Smurf, Big Daddy, Chris, Joe, Weather Girl Boy, Steve, Jimmy, and El Marveloso.. Thanks everyone for coming in the god damn rain and making it a special night!  Now, please pass the aspirin!

So... Tonight, June 8th, The Griffin Museum of Photography of Winchester, MA is giving 3 new Photography Focus awards.

Griffin_photography_awards 1. Focus award for Lifetime achievement goes to Anne Wilkes Tucker, the curator of Photography at the Houston Museum of Fine Art.

2. Rising Star award goes to Brian Paul Clamp, of ClampArt in NYC

3. The Museums New England Beacon award goes to Barbara Hitchock, curator for The Polaroid Collection

So please join me in giving my sincere MAO congratulations to all three admirable award recipients!

Here's a brief story that was featured in American Photo of these awards.


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Sheepy? The Smurf? Big Daddy? Mao, are you secretly a rapper? Is photography the new bling? :-)

Hey Lisa..
Ha! Ha! No.. not a rapper here..
It's just a very colorful, wonderfully fun group of NYC friends!
And I Hope to meet you at the AAF next weekend!

yo, yo, yo... Word to your art dealer.

Looking forward to it.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston...yes we do rule photography. Your city only wishes you were that good.

Thanks for the shout-out, MAO! Boston was fun. Now I am back in the gallery trying to sell some art. . .

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