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June 30, 2006

Art Image of the Week by Kelley Walker

TGIF!! Which also means, time for our next Image of the week! First, Thanks to all the wise and thoughtful readers who shared their views on the Ryan McGinness painting last week. I was frankly surprised, given his popularity and museum credits, at the high percentage of commentators who totally trashed didn't appreciate Ryan's work.

Kelley_walker_disaster2 This week, I choose an image from 2006 Whitney Biennial Artist, Kelley Walker. The image is titled "Disaster 2" 2001. It's a digital image CD Rom and print on Canvas 7 by 9 feet.

He started with an Anti-capitalist poster of a road collapse, where then he's filled the water regions with neon acid looking orange, giving us a somewhat apocalyptic image.

Much of Kelley's work has involved steeling appropriation of commercial and mass media images, but then he's twisting their meaning with his own not so subtle messages. Last year, he was voted one of the Top Ten "Greater New York" Show Artist Most likely to succeed by New York Magazine.

For additional information on artist Kelley Walker and this specific image, also check out this very helpful site by the Saatchi Gallery. Also, here's a review by the always brilliant Jerry Saltz of Kelley's March 06 show.

So what do you think about this image and Kelley Walkers work?

  • "The Warhol" of the new millennium or just another copy cat artist riding the coattails of other masters?
  • A powerful brilliant hybrid work of art & photography, or a seen that, done by everybody work?
  • A great new media artist or sensationalized clumsy digital/photoshop print maker?
  • Just another Biennial trash flash in the pan, or a provocative artist to be collected?
  • A fresh new thought provoking artwork, or a common slick commercial like media ad image?

So?  Two Thumbs up to down?? All comments welcome!

Stay tuned.. The Next post will be the July MAO ART Quiz... FYI.. It may be a bit late due to a badly needed 4th of July mental vacation break..and plus.. I have not figured it out yet!

June 29, 2006

Chaim Soutine and Modern Art Show at Cheim & Read

While I'm sure most MAO readers will be uber busy throwing attitude and cocktailing sunning themselves at the Hamptons beaches over the next few weeks.  But, if you have time to kill see anything this summer at galleries in Chelsea.. An absolute MAO must, is the new Chaim Soutine and Modern Art show at the very small collector unfriendly Cheim and Read Gallery. The show just opened, and is on view till Sept 9th.
Chiam3It's officially called : The New Landscape / The New Still Life: Soutine and Modern Art.

Actually, this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to see so much of this Expressionist master's paintings all in one place.


And as you might have guess from the shows title, the show is well focused on Chaim Soutine's Still Life and Landscape work. So while I love them, none of his most well known portraits were included in this show.
Chiam1But if seeing all the Chaim Soutine work was not impressive enough, these curators have done a masterful job of bringing together an incredible collection of other amazing paintings. The curators (Maurice Tuchman and Esti Dunow) have chosen work by of over 20+ modern and contemporary masters whom may have been influenced by Chaim Soutine.
This list consists of paintings by William de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet, Philip Guston, Luciam Freud, Alice Neel, Joan Mitchell, Richard Diebenkorm, and Susan Rothenberg just to name a few.. and believe it or not, there are many more.

It's completely shocking they've brought so much work together for a single show in a high attitude commercial chelsea gallery. The paintings have been loaned from all over, including, The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, The Met, plus many private collectors..now that's a lot of ass kissing curatorial work.

But all you multi-millionaire MAO readers & art buyers will be saddened to know.. only a few of these works are actually for sale! DAMN! But, They have also produced a wonderful 132 page color catalogue which us mere mortals can buy and take home for $65.

These 3 paintings (my really bad photos) included here, are all by Chaim Soutine and are in the show, The last painting is "Brace Of Pheasants," 1926 26 x 20 inches. Sadly, I didn't get the names of the other two...soon to follow..cause I need to go back and see this show again...and again.

June 28, 2006

Photographer Jill Greenberg Controversy!.... Time to Buy?

Over the year I've used some stupid gimmicks hysterical Monkey face photos by Photographer Jill Greenberg to add a little levity to this site. Lord knows.. the art world can be all too serious enough.. and sometimes a little monkey business humor is badly needed!

Jillgreenberg_nucular But this week, some controversy has erupted over her newest show "End Times" at The Paul Kopeikin Gallery in LA, which is open till July 8th.

This show is a series of close up shots of distressed and crying children.  Many of these images are slick, large but also very powerful, almost everyone who sees them is bound to have an immediate reaction. 

But, the shit started to fly when first off, in April, blogger Thomas Hawk, A total Nut Case, posted a flat out condemnation of the work as sickening, and child abuse. Thomas has gone so far as suggesting the photographer should be arrested and charged with child abuse. Jill Greenberg has stated, no abuse to the children ever took place, and parents of the children were always monitoring the photo sessions.

Secondly the story was picked up by American Photo, in their story Cry Baby, and Thomas Hawk further commented a few days ago.

Today, the all self important website BoingBoing.net joined in, reporting that Jill Greenberg and her husband have threatened to sue Thomas Hawk for libel and contacted his employer to suppress his writing. Oh..such drama!  Plus Thomas Hawk, has yet another insane post on Jill Greenberg today. Too funny.. You couldn't make this stuff up to be any more amusing!

So, while the photo's are probably too filled with visual gimmicks and over dramatic lighting to be considered serious art. But given their "Implied Political" message, the work has an appeal with many photography collectors.  I just love, LUV, Loved her funny Monkey pictures!  But, as both Andrea Serrano, and Chris Ofili can both bank on a test.. nothing helps art sales like some good old fashion controversy!!  So the net of all this, Thomas Hawk, is probably the best thing to ever happen to Jill Greenberg's Art Career.

So after something like this .. it probably just increased the value of Jill's art work significantly!!  For anyone who'd like to buy her photography....The prices are still very reasonable...for now!  Both Brian Clamp and Paul Kopeikin are her art dealers. I believe ClampArt will have a show of Jill's work in the fall.

Here's a brief review of her new book, Jill Greenberg:End Times

June 27, 2006

Summer Party Time at P.S.1

Brianfinke_fratboyz2 OK.. For those stuck in NYC this summer.. as all real New Yorkers know, Summer time is PARTY TIME at P.S.1!

If you're looking to escape the annoying hordes of lost tourists crawling all over Manhattan.. Go to P.S.1.  (FYI..no this is not me in the photo. it's one of my all time favorite summer party boy photo's from photographer Brian Finke's Frat Boy Series..) Here's just a bit of what P.S.1 has going on this summer :

P.S.1's 30th Anniversary Kick-Off Party at the ROXY!, Tuesday, July 18th @ 8pm

Where: Roxy at 515 W 18th St., New York, NY, 10011
: DJ Spun (Jason Drummond) of Rong Music and WPS1 Art Radio; Duane Harriott of NegroClash NYC, Audio Archeology, and Other Music; and Jeannie Hopper of Liquid Sound Lounge and WPS1 Art Radio. I hear roller skates maybe included, but beware of the Canadian Roller Derby Art Bloggers (AFC) on the rink!!

Tickets: $30 per person. Available via Ticketweb. Visit www.ps1.org and click on 30th Anniversary.

P.S.1 Warm UP Saturday's - Starting Sat July 1st, and going on for the next 10 Saturdays at 7pm.

Warm Up is P.S.1's critically acclaimed music series and has become one of the most anticipated summer events. The series is housed within the architectural installation created by the winner of the annual P.S.1 and MoMA organized Young Architects Program . Together, the music, architecture and exhibition program provide a unique multi-sensory experience for music fans, artists, and families alike. Warm Up was conceived in 1997 as a summer-long dance party to attract crowds to P.S.1 and Long Island City, Queens. The series runs every Saturday from July through early September and draws thousands of local and international visitors each day. Advanced tickets are suggested. Here's a video from Warm UP 2005!

June 23, 2006

Ryan McGinness - Art Image of the week

Since last weeks Image of the week by Josephine Meckseper had so many interesting thoughts and comments.. Thanks much, very appreciated for all whom commented.. let's try this again this week.

Ryan_mcginness_arab_cadalilac_generator This weeks pick, is by Artist Ryan McGinness.

He has made some really fanciful "Paintings." Ryan's work is included in some of the most prestigious museum collections around the world.

The image is named "Arab Cadilac Generator" and is acrylic on wood panel, 48inches in diameter.

For anyone going out to East Hampton this summer, Ryan McGinness has an impressive show of new work at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller on Newtown Lane, East Hampton which is on view till July 3rd. Plus Rizzoli published a book last year, Ryan McGinness, Installationview.

OK MAO painting experts.. what do you think of this painting and the Ryan McGinness work?

  1. Love it or hate it? Trash or Treasure?
  2. A Great visionary panting or just a simple graphic doodle?
  3. Lots of emotional image depth, or just a typographical flourish which belongs somewhere on the margin of a hallmark card?
  4. Clinical graphic gimmicks, or contemplative fields of intimate meditation?
  5. Revolutionary artist to be collected, or passing commercial fad, just an icon of the over hyped age of contemporary art?

While I have to say, these drawings/paintings look much better in person, than on line, I think I'm still very much on the artistic fence when it comes to liking these. 

June 22, 2006

Madison Square Park Art


Happy Summer Everyone! If you get the chance.. check out how amazingly beautiful they have made Madison Square Park! This use to be a ruff slummy under secured area of NYC. But now, the park has a Conservancy (and Shake Shack yum!) which has done a great job of cleaning up and beautifying this 6.2-acre central downtown Manhattan oasis.


They now also have ART!! They've installed 5 new large scale sculptures by German born artist Ursula von Rydingsvard. I first saw her work up at Storm King Art Center a few years ago.

The first photo is of "Czara z Babelkami" it is made of cedar and stands about 20 feet tall,

The second photo is of "Damski Czepek" its made of clear Polyurethane resin and probably stand about 8 to 10 feet tall.

I have no idea what either of these names (or these sculptures) mean.. but they both look pretty cool as they are place peacefully around the park.  Anyway...its well worth a stop and look, if you are waiting on the super long lines for the overpriced burgers at Shake Shack!

ArtInfo - Valuing the Work of Artist with No Auction Trail

If you've not seen this ArtInfo.com Column by Robert Ayers yet.. it's worth a look.

I love this quote by Zack Miner of Christies, it really sums up much of what has been going on in Chelsea today:

“With the speculative way in which many people are now approaching the emerging artist market, Miner continued, “I think that something’s being lost, and that’s the role of collectors of emerging artists as true patrons.”

Roulette_wheel The bottom line is:

  • 1. Don't expect to buy the work of an emerging artist either expecting to make money, or even have it retain it's original value. It's best to think of it as your own private way to support the arts, and the artists.
  • 2. For new work by currently producing artists, most auction prices tend to be 25% to 50% less than same work at a gallery
  • 3. Only if the work is recognized as quality and the artist is perceived as hot, might it sell for much more than current gallery prices
  • 4. No one really knows what the value of an emerging artist work is going to sell for at auction..that's why they are called EMERGING ARTIST!!!

June 20, 2006

New Kiki Smith Etchings at Reasonable Prices

Kiki_smith_home_2006 Well.. I'm not sure if these are really cheap enough worthy to be considered a

MAO Art Buy of the Month...

There are two new

Kiki Smith etchings by Crown Point Press.


I picked them up last week, so I'm not sure if they are still available. It would seem people were just buying everything at Art Basel where they were first displayed last week.

The first one, which I liked the best, is titled "HOME" and the second is called "STILL" both made in 2006.

OK.. so, here's 10 11 of my best rationalizations for buying something I really don't need!!

  1. I really liked the images.. colors and tonal quality are quite beautiful
  2. The images just stuck in my head immediately
  3. Given how crazy expensive anything by an established artist seems to be today.. I thought they were reasonably priced at $3,000 each
  4. The edition was small  of only 20
  5. They were nice sized prints 26 1/2 by 31 inches
  6. I'm a Kiki Smith Fan, I just Love, LUV, loved her last few books and shows! MOMA, The Walker & SFMOMA..etc..
  7. Some Kiki Smith work has been selling at sky hi prices very well at the last few auctions
  8. I've been wanting to add her work to my collection for a while now
  9. How can you not like art by someone named KIKI! Watch this cool video of KIKI!
  10. Their social message/statement I found interesting and provocative, and
  11. They seem cheap to photography prints by other living artist of similar reputations

OK, So maybe not maybe worth pointing out to everyone. But, hey, what do I know. Plus Crown Point Press does some really great work.

Maybe yesterday was a slow art news day and maybe Tyler was too tired or hungover from a wild weekend to write something real, but I was impressed to see Tyler Green writing about a "big" donation of Crown Point Press Prints to the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF)..  But he also pointed out something I didn't know (da.. like, no surprise there!!), but, there is a current small show of Crown Point Press Etchings at the de Young. Thanks Tyler!

June 16, 2006

Introducing : MAO Image of the Week!

For the next few weeks, I was going to start something new.. looking for thoughtful art reader feedback..
The MAO Image of the Week.

So today.. I have an image from Josephine Meckseper. You may have seen it in the latest edition of Artforum as part of an Ad for the coming Royal Academy of Arts (Oct 06) USA Today,Works from the Saatchi Collection show. The image is titled "Pyromaniac 2"


Josephine Meckseper's mixed media work first caught my eye at this years art disaster Whitney Biennial.
But she wasn't showing any photography work.
The Saatchi-gallery website has some great info on Josephine and her work..

So seeing this new image in Artforum was a surprise.
Anyway.. What do you think of this photograph?
-Cool Image, Great Art Photography? or
-Flash in the pan?
-Strong and powerful..100% Glamourful?
-HOT ?
-Too much like fashion commercial  slick photography..or
-Just someone trying to make a quick art buck?
-Thoughtful commentary on today's consumer culture influence on art?
-Totally forgettable?

OK.. well.. you get the picture..
All thoughts/comments welcome...

June 15, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk Part III, Jenny Holzer, and George Condo


Jenny Holzer at Crime Cheim & Read
This show runs thru June 17th.
We just Love, LUV, Loved It!

There are some really fun new work in this show..
It's very much worth going to check out this weekend.

I took two pic's, "Looking" is of a huge moving light curtain.. very cool! (Photo #1 and Photo #2)



There was also a new,

George Condo show called "Existential Portraits"
at the Luhring Augustine Gallery

Well, Actually this show closed already on June 3rd..
but don't worry..
you didn't miss anything original...
Here are two totally blurry

photo's I took, (#3 and #4) of some of "the better" paintings from the show.. They actually look better blurry!

For example... In their press release the gallery mentioned the use of faux gold frames (ooooo!!) on these paintings in the gallery show as if they were somehow an interesting addition... well...that's probably enough said on this show!


June 14, 2006

Chelsea Gallery Walk Part II

My sincere apologies for the small financial markets digression, but what do you expect from a wall street geek!... So, We now return to our regularly schedule programming...

Chelsea Art Walk: Part II

If you're in NYC this weekend with all the pesky tourists, there are two gallery shows that are closing on June 17th which are well worth checking out.

Wangechi Mutu "An Alien Eye and other Killah Anthems" at Sikkema Jenkins & Co Gallery.Wangechi_mutu_1

Barbara Pollack of TimeOut NYC Magazine described the show as "Divine and decadent."

That description is right on target.

In this show, Wangechi's large multi colored magazine/photo collages on mylar visually reminded me very much of some of the work by Fred Tomaseli. But with much more of a direct feminine pictorial narrative. These collages were all very powerful, you can see why her work is being shown by the same gallery which reps Kara Walker. It's not to be missed. 

I wasn't as fond of the other works in the show, which included a large scale "wall project", several postcards presented in glass cabinets, and two large scale dripping sculptures located in the back room.

(Note: this first photo is one I took from the new show.. I didn't get the collage name)

Here's a review by Carly Berwick that was posted on Bloomberg News.

Wangechi Mutu - Bloomberg Review

The second show is by German master model builder and photographer Oliver Boberg at DCKT Contemporary.

Oliver_boberg_forestOliver Boberg, his urban photos are almost too perfect to believe they are actually model recreations. Your eyes just can't help but scan the images for possible flaws. I'll bet you'll find few if any hints that these were studio created. Many of the best images from his 2004 book "Oliver Boberg" are featured in this show.

Even more impressive are the films, Nacht-Orte/Night Series, video projections, complete with full sound. I've included my 2 favorites film stills, Forest (photo #2), and Bridge, (photo #3)  So, be sure to have Kenny or Dennis take you into their dark Oliver_boberg_bridge backroom upstairs gallery to see these. They are so real, you'll even feel a slight chill from watching the snow falling on the bridge at night.

Also, The new and improved DCKT Contemporary website has the Boberg Video's (media file's) posted to view online.. but go see the real thing.. they will amaze you!

Here's a brief New Yorker Review Dennis posted.  This show also has more Oliver Boberg work at the Paul Morris Gallery.

Both shows are only on view till Sat June 17th....so it's your last chance to catch them!

June 13, 2006

OK.. Don't say MAO didn't warn you!

Now.. a few months ago.. I wrote US interest rates and mortgage rates were headed up!!30_year_mortgagerates  Here's the current chart of the average 30 year US Mortgage Rate.

Anyone see a trend???

Art Basel.. Going Strong in the Face of a huge sell off in Stocks Worldwide!!

Well.. Today starts Art Basel.. the streets of Chelsea must be empty, cause it's the worlds largest art sale fair.  Everybody who's anybody in the art world is there.. Hence why losers pikers like me are still in the office working this week!

So, Here's an early glowing report from Linda Sandler and Katya Kazakina of Bloomberg News. Basel Art Fair May Sell More Than $300 Million!! Bloomberg ArtBasel06_Story.txt

Some of the quotes from this report are insane great :

  1. "People aren't even waiting to get to the fair before they buy!",
  2. "Barbara Gladstone just sold four of five pieces in 30 minutes",
  3. "Everything if flying off the shelf.."
  4. "A lot of art is overpriced and it's inspiring speculators to want to own art"
  5. "Demand had quadrupled contemporary prices sine 1995"

Well, Not to be a Debbie Downer.... But, it's amazing to see this contemporary art buying euphoria, given what's just occurred in the world wide stock markets.

Below are two charts. They both start in Jan 2004, one of the US S&P 500 stock market index, and the second chart is of the Euro S&P 50 stock market (both shown in US Dollar terms). Now, most certainly, I'm NOT in the camp of "The Art Market is going to crash and burn soon," But seeing a few TRILLION DOLLARS get wiped out in stocks the last 2 months, can't be a good thing for contemporary art prices... but who knows...

It's not like they keep making more contemporary art, right ? Yikes!

S_and_p_500 S_and_p_euro50

June 10, 2006

Richard Serra @ Gagosian, Size doesn't Matter!

Chelsea Gallery Walk.. Part I.
The New Richard Serra show, "Rolled and Forged" at Gagosian Gallery, NYC, Chelsea...it's on view till Aug 11th.Richard_serra3

First off.. here's a few pictures.
This first photo is of "Elevations, Repetitions, 2006"
Lets just say.. it's big, very big.. like,
It fills a room the size of a football field..

Richard_serra_1The second photo is of "Equal Weights and Measures, 2006"
Probably the most impressive and moving work in the show.

Richard_serra_closeupHere's a detail shot of, "Elevational Mass, 2006"

Trust me.. This work is more thought provoking close up. The random mix of blues & rusts are actually beautiful.

Richard_serra_vantagepointOK, One last photo, this is one prospective of "Elevations, Repetitions, 2006... " Maybe it would look a bit more interesting at a lower or a different angle....  No?

There are 2 other huge works in the show, each presented in their own football field sized room...but both are too boring to even bother posting photographs.

So.. after reading all the reviews... you'd expect something great from Richard Serra..??
No?? Because you can't help but be a fan of Richard Serra after seeing his works at the Dia Beacon, right?  Like Wow! Now, No Joke, Those works at Dia, "Torqued Ellipses," are perhaps the greatest sculptures of the 20th Century.   In fact, They are not to be missed if you ever find yourself anywhere near Beacon, NY this summer.

But, this new show at Gagosian... Yikes! It is such a big disappointment.. and as with Serra, the emphasis is on the BIG!

Well..The show is worth checking out.. even though there's nothing new or original here..
After all.. in the Art World, you only get to see failure on such a large scale every once in a few years... so.. like.. When is the next Christo event?

Well..  OK.. with the G.W. Bush Administration...we see failure, maybe once every few days! But that's not in the art world..thank god!

OK.. and as always with any over hyped Gagosian show.. there was lots of puffy, fluffy, bribed press to gush foolishly over the show... Like, does anyone, ever have anything critical to say anymore??

More Chelsea Gallery Walk to come..

June 08, 2006

Congratulations to Brian Clamp, Anne Wilkes Tucker, and Barbara Hitchock

Ouch!! I'm feeling a bit fuzzy today..too much wine fun last night with the gang..Dr.Quiz, JG (aka..Teach!), Sheepy, The Smurf, Big Daddy, Chris, Joe, Weather Girl Boy, Steve, Jimmy, and El Marveloso.. Thanks everyone for coming in the god damn rain and making it a special night!  Now, please pass the aspirin!

So... Tonight, June 8th, The Griffin Museum of Photography of Winchester, MA is giving 3 new Photography Focus awards.

Griffin_photography_awards 1. Focus award for Lifetime achievement goes to Anne Wilkes Tucker, the curator of Photography at the Houston Museum of Fine Art.

2. Rising Star award goes to Brian Paul Clamp, of ClampArt in NYC

3. The Museums New England Beacon award goes to Barbara Hitchock, curator for The Polaroid Collection

So please join me in giving my sincere MAO congratulations to all three admirable award recipients!

Here's a brief story that was featured in American Photo of these awards.

June 06, 2006

Calder Mobile at The Seagram Building

So over this weekend, New York City's Midtown Manhattan (Park Ave and 53d Street) just got a new impressive work of Public art! You've got to go check it out!

Calder_mobile_onparkaveIt's a huge Alexander Calder Standing Mobile, and its on display right now on the Park Ave Plaza of the incredible Seagram Building between 52nd and 53rd street.

Two great works of engineering art.. They complement each other so well. The Mobile looks like it just "belongs to the buildings plaza."

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson, and Alexander Calder all at their best...a total WOW!

Calder_mobile_on_parkave2I don't know how long it's going to be there, but don't miss it, cause it's a perfect placement for this Modern Monument.

I snapped some pictures yesterday morning (photo #1), and then again on my walk home today (Photo # 2 & #3).
It's pretty cool.

After checking the Calder Foundation Website, I'm still not sure yet of the exact name of this Calder Standing Mobile.

Caldermobile_parkave3It looks a bit like the
Calder 1963 Southern Cross
Calder_southern_cross(photo #4 )
but the colors and the base are a different.

If any smart MAO reader knows the correct name of this Calder Standing Mobile.. Please let me know, and I'll post it on the site.

My advice is, pause, take a nice deep breath, and just watch the Mobile as it moves through the air.

You'll find its floating color looks graceful, tranquil and is beautifully delicate, which makes for an amazing oasis among the noisy chaos of Midtown Manhattan.

I hope it stays there for a long time, cause it looks perfect!

Shirin Neshat at Creative Time

Shirin_neshat_at_creativetime_1Last week was the Creative Time Benefit Celebration, honoring artist/photographer Shirin Neshat.
They featured 3 of her great movies (Passage 2001, Tooba 2002, and The Last Word 2003), and had a short Q&A session between Shirin and very tall performance Artist Marina Abramovic. (Photo #1)

Unfortunately during their brief talk, there was a huge thunderstorm, and much to everybodies shock, water began to flow heavily into the old 12th street movie theater. Luckily Shirin is the consummate professional, and while many of the benefit attendees went screaming running for cover, Shirin completed her Q&A session.

At this Creative Time event they also featured a  very nice Art Auction to benefit the charity.
There were several interesting works donated by many well respected artists.

They even auctioned off one of the recently sold out Creative Time Marilyn Minter "Shit Kickers" images, which was a March'06 MAO Art Deal of the month.

FYI.. it was initially available in April for only a small $500 donation, but for all those lucky MAO readers owners, at last weeks benefit auction the price went well over $1650. I didn't see what the final winning bid was.. but it looked great.. and people were bidding it up!

Smurf_at_creative_timeHere's a photo of my cute FI Housemate and friend "The Smurf," heavily drinking and looking at some of the various art auction items. You know.. whenever I see pictures of my friend, The Smurf.. I think.. He looks pretty good for 42. What do you think? Sexy?

Neither one of us were lucky enought to buy anything at the auction.. but it was fun watching everyone wait till the last possible minute to sneak put in their silent bids.

June 05, 2006

June QUIZ - Wolfgang Tillmans, & Catherine Opie at MCA

In honor of NYC Gay Pride Month.. for the June Art Quiz I chose two "provocative portraits" to be identified.. they were by photographers : Wolfgang Tillmans, and Catherine Opie

First off, both of these great photographers currently have Solo Shows at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

June06_quiz4The First Photo was "Smokin'Jo 1995",

By Wolfgang Tillmans.

Here is a brief blurb from MCA's press release..

One of the most important and distinctive artists to emerge in the 1990s, his work is internationally recognized for its richly evocative and stylishly intimate reflection on the often overlooked objects and moments in everyday life.

Much of his work concentrates on deceptively casual and unforced views of friends and acquaintances, catching them off-guard and at their most unguardedly “human.”

So, I have only one question.. is "Smokin'Jo", a Joesph or a Joanne? Anyone Help???

June06_quizaThe Second was "Chloe,1993"

By Catherine Opie.

I'm not sure if he or anyone is MAN enough, but, Tyler did a very insightful post on Catherine Opie a few months ago,

plus a while ago Tyler wrote one of the most detailed feature on Opie for BlackBox, both are well worth checking out! 

I believe new books have also been issued to correspond with both shows. Wolfgang Tillmans by Yale University Press, and Catherine Opie, 1999/in And Around Home

So we had several bright MAO readers respond with the correct answers in just under a few hours!  Either this QUIZ was too easy.. or the MAO readers have nothing interesting to do are getting really smart!!  But, My stalker  friend, Kenny Tyburski (Oh. and FYI.. His last name is pronounced Tie-Ber-ski... not Tie-BREW-ski !!) of the wonderful DCKT Gallery was the first! So, A Big MAO Congrats goes out to Kenny T!

Kenny has chosen Visual Aids as his charity.. Great choice KennyT!! They are also having a charity fund raiser which DennisC and KennyT or "DCKT" have been doing a nice job of promoting! Which I think you can still buy tickets and attend the event tonight.

June 01, 2006

The June MAO Art Quiz - Winner to Choose A Charity!!

Well.. last months Auction based quiz was fun and surprising (jeez... how much higher will that Andy  Warhol market go!!) ..but I think I've had enough of crazy Art Auction Mania for a while...

So.. June06_quiz4It's been some time since we've had a good old traditional photography based art Quiz.

And what would the world of photography be without beautiful "female" portraiture...??

So... Here we have, provocative portrait works from two of the MAO favorite contemporary photographers... and no, neither of these are by Loretta Lux!

OK, so Name the two photographers who created

Photo #1... and Photo #2

and then name the US venue that both of these photographers currently have some of their work getting featured.

The first MAO Quizling in with the correct answers will be the proud winner, and they get to choose an arts based charity for a donation to be made in their honor.

You can post your guess to the comment section of the blog or email your answers to [email protected]. One guess per person, and previous winners are not eligible.

June06_quizaOf course, as always...Dr. Quiz will serve as both judge and Jury if there are any issues to the rightful winner.

Oh.. and there's Extra Special MAO genius bonus points :

if you can provide the titles of these two photographs.

Please feel free to share any interesting thoughts/connections you see or feel, between the two artists and these works..

I find myself drawn to both, but in very different ways..

But, what do you think?  Great portrait works of art by two contemporary masters.. or just your average "I could do that" snap shots???

Good Luck!