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June 05, 2006

June QUIZ - Wolfgang Tillmans, & Catherine Opie at MCA

In honor of NYC Gay Pride Month.. for the June Art Quiz I chose two "provocative portraits" to be identified.. they were by photographers : Wolfgang Tillmans, and Catherine Opie

First off, both of these great photographers currently have Solo Shows at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

June06_quiz4The First Photo was "Smokin'Jo 1995",

By Wolfgang Tillmans.

Here is a brief blurb from MCA's press release..

One of the most important and distinctive artists to emerge in the 1990s, his work is internationally recognized for its richly evocative and stylishly intimate reflection on the often overlooked objects and moments in everyday life.

Much of his work concentrates on deceptively casual and unforced views of friends and acquaintances, catching them off-guard and at their most unguardedly “human.”

So, I have only one question.. is "Smokin'Jo", a Joesph or a Joanne? Anyone Help???

June06_quizaThe Second was "Chloe,1993"

By Catherine Opie.

I'm not sure if he or anyone is MAN enough, but, Tyler did a very insightful post on Catherine Opie a few months ago,

plus a while ago Tyler wrote one of the most detailed feature on Opie for BlackBox, both are well worth checking out! 

I believe new books have also been issued to correspond with both shows. Wolfgang Tillmans by Yale University Press, and Catherine Opie, 1999/in And Around Home

So we had several bright MAO readers respond with the correct answers in just under a few hours!  Either this QUIZ was too easy.. or the MAO readers have nothing interesting to do are getting really smart!!  But, My stalker  friend, Kenny Tyburski (Oh. and FYI.. His last name is pronounced Tie-Ber-ski... not Tie-BREW-ski !!) of the wonderful DCKT Gallery was the first! So, A Big MAO Congrats goes out to Kenny T!

Kenny has chosen Visual Aids as his charity.. Great choice KennyT!! They are also having a charity fund raiser which DennisC and KennyT or "DCKT" have been doing a nice job of promoting! Which I think you can still buy tickets and attend the event tonight.


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Gee... I think Smokin'Jo is most certianly a woman!!

Now if she was born that way.. I have no idea.

Although "TyBREWski" was my nickname in college, the spelling is Tyburski. I see what's happening here. What next, a "How many Polacks does it take to..." joke?
And I prefer stalker. it's easier to get a restraining order if you don't call me "Friend" as well.

KennyT?? What.. So you're not Polish?

OK.. I'll fix the spelling... Sorry.

But I think TyBREWski, does sounds really cute.. and I thought it kind of expains all those empty beer bottles in your gallery office!

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