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June 22, 2006

Madison Square Park Art


Happy Summer Everyone! If you get the chance.. check out how amazingly beautiful they have made Madison Square Park! This use to be a ruff slummy under secured area of NYC. But now, the park has a Conservancy (and Shake Shack yum!) which has done a great job of cleaning up and beautifying this 6.2-acre central downtown Manhattan oasis.


They now also have ART!! They've installed 5 new large scale sculptures by German born artist Ursula von Rydingsvard. I first saw her work up at Storm King Art Center a few years ago.

The first photo is of "Czara z Babelkami" it is made of cedar and stands about 20 feet tall,

The second photo is of "Damski Czepek" its made of clear Polyurethane resin and probably stand about 8 to 10 feet tall.

I have no idea what either of these names (or these sculptures) mean.. but they both look pretty cool as they are place peacefully around the park.  Anyway...its well worth a stop and look, if you are waiting on the super long lines for the overpriced burgers at Shake Shack!


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Great observation MAO!

I'm glad someone else noticed that Madison Sq Park isn't the dicey place it used to be. It has some incredible views and great art. (Although, beware there are some scary folks right outside the park on the north, east and west side benches....)

I thought that was you on-line for the Shake Shack today during lunch. And Tuesday. And Monday.... It's good to see someone I know on that line while I'm up in my gym, looking out, thinking about the fried chicken.

I actually go to that gym too! No shake shack for me. Well, no shack, at least.

Wow.. KennyT.. I didn't know you go to a gym???

Since the water situation in my home is intermittent at best, I need a place to shower. And now I get to look at bee-hives while doing so.

Cool shapes- interesting textures for sure.. nice..

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